Hollow echoes

I wrote this while uploading the column. Just realised how free I feel when I do not revisit nameless lands or forge links with nameless people and their fickleness...

Hollow echoes

Teeth leave razor-sharp marks
On my lips
Vultures wait
To declare my fate
I have swallowed my tongue
I cannot taste hate

Say, say, say
Voices echo through the vacant valley
Far away sitting in an alley
I carve out a piece of sky
And gift it with rain from my eyes.



FV said...

The nameless land is not my blog and the nameless people are not those who come here...

But yes SIX days I did not post here too, for other reasons, but who cares?

Amandeep said...

Not really :-)

People care... though they may not dare to ask of your whereabouts

circle said...

Your poem is too strong for my senses,"shudder".

Still,real touch of artistry!

FV said...


Darpok:-)Waise to hamari idhar-udhar baat karne ki aadat nahi hai lekin itna poochch rahe ho to bataaye dete hai ke hua yoon hum world tour par gaye the...of my house. From one room to balcony, arms akimbo, tightening-loosening fists...damn, I am in pain...this is what happens when you don't say things like 'get well soon'!


My delicate poems was strong? Now get inside your 'chaddar'...er...shudder...

Amandeep said...

Hope you dont travel again :-)