Dark light

The black square box stared mutely. Was it being complacent or challenging or teasing? This was the place where a picture can be uploaded on messenger. Mine was a black square. No trace of me anywhere.

Or was that me? In the stark blackness one can get lost or create invisible patterns and identities. If someone were to ask
, “Where are you?” I’d say, “Look closely, I am somewhere in there.”

We anyway go by what we call an image, a perception culled from outside sources. I can only quote the lines of a wonderful song:

“Dil ki awaaz bhi sun
Mere fasaane pe na ja
Meri nazroun ki taraf dekh
Zamaane pe na ja”

“But I can’t see your eyes,” you might well say. “It is so dark in that black box.”

It is, as it was that night when I took this picture. I just focussed and clicked. A light stared back at me.

Nothing is ever too dark that it cannot be seen.


circle said...

So,UR a good photographer besides writer,journalist,cartoonist,fighter,humanist,poetess,singer,columnist.....

What is left ? UR not.....
Please, tell me more..how many more talents do you have?

This is a unique photography with special affects...

Honesly, I love darkness more than bright light....

FV said...

This was a fluke picture and I have let it be just as it was...I love the dark too, maybe because I was born at night, and there was thunder and lightning.

I have a few skills and a talent or two...but for the heck of it, let me list out a few things I can do and mention in a blog that may be read by young impressionable minds!

Draw/paint (water colours);
Can play the harmonium;
Not a bad singer;
A fairly good palmist, face reader, dream analyser;
A decent masseuse;
Good listener;
Fun mimic;
Can design interesting clothes and do so;
Am a workaholic while never appearing to be busy;
The ability to speak on the phone for 3-4 hours;
Can whistle with two fingers, like those streetside guys;
And yes, have made a couple of audio-visuals and a short film for NGOs;
Am a steadfast friend, the quality I value most.

Okay? Now if I add to the list the thousands of things I CANNOT do, you will realise how small one's efforts are. How very small.