When you cross a certain age, a mother-daughter relationship becomes much like the one in the picture. Two people looking out at life, both having lived it enough to be able to share the had-beens more than the what-could-bes!

As I open the cupboard I see a green skirt. It has an interesting genesis. A couple of weeks ago she was wearing this chikan-work kurta, a beautiful henna green. I loved it and said so. We cannot share clothes because we are built differently.

A day later, folded on my bed was what I thought was the kurta. I unfurled it and found to my amazement that she had cut the top portion at the yoke, inserted an elastic band and transformed it into a skirt I could wear.

I held it close to my face before slipping it on. Several detergent washes may have taken away the scent of a mother, but every stitch on it reminds me that we are connected by a thread that is beautiful and strong at the same time.


  1. blogR
    Happy Mother's Day...

  2. blogR
    Yes,I feel peace of mind under your blog's shadow just like in mother's arms.

    Thanks for your motherly wish....

    Mother India...

  3. Aha...I feel like a character out of one of those old Hindi films where I feed gaajar ka halwa and keep saying, "Mere lal, mere jigar ke tukde":-) I am getting to be good at this too...