Quote uncoat - 7

“All fart and no shit”

During my extensive research regarding the etymology of the phrase, all I found was this: “Used to describe someone who's full of empty promises.”

Needless to say the huffing puffers use it less to convey hollowness, but more likely sound and fury. We shall not go into what are termed “silent killers”. Now, deep analysis into this phenomenon would expect that if someone else has noticed, they would laugh (much like laughing at someone falling on a banana peel, which is the lowest form of slapstick but indulged in by a great many people whom true wit has deserted).

Or, they’d avert their gaze. Although it in no way affects the eyes, it is a sociological aspect that needs further study.

Or, they would just go on as though nothing happened, a sign of civilised behaviour.

However, if we take out the scatological dimension, then sound and fury in themselves ought not to evoke any reaction. It is like trash. One notices it only when it is in one’s own environment; otherwise it takes a rather strange mindset to spend so much time working through it. Ergo, it is not trash then and has affected one in a manner that may be inexplicable.

Returning to the phrase, by itself it is anally retentive, therefore the need for those uttering it to add several exclamation marks to display their ho-ho bravado.

Having been the recipient of this lamely amusing saying recently, I might conjecture with some confidence that the supposed flatus has produced a good deal of excrement from other orifices. You must admit, therefore, that it is a record (wind) breaking occurrence.

May I take a bow, even if I be the butt of it?

- - -

Time to thank the several people who made the event possible. I have made it all invisible for now and shall reveal it again as and when necessary.

To play along...when you gotta go you gotta go.


  1. FV:

    Is it because the invisible and the non-existent look very much alike?
    I would have personally preferred the existent to be visible. But then, the choice is yours...shall wait for that moment when it is revealed...


    Pune S

  2. No, what is invisible does not cease to exist. The gentle breeze does; problems arise when it tries to mimic a typhoon...

    Since you seem to have caught on, let me just say that this became the stomping ground for people to misuse. I shall be opening it up, of course...it was just coming in the way of my more mundane writings, and heaven forbid someone might even begin to like my 'creativity'!

    On an entirely different note, the idea of 'wait' is a wonderful concept.

  3. The wait was shorter, but my whims are longer...the reason shall be explicated soon for the 're-opening'.

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