When Britney met Ghalib

Britney Spears’ new love for photographer Adnan Ghalib is apparently a hot topic in Pakistan where she said she plans to move. This ought to be seen as sentiments expressed by a woman who is undergoing emotional upheaval in the mad world of pop stardom and quick pills.

However, at a time when the country is going through turbulent times, this piece of gossip is an attention-diverter for high society. People who are not concerned about the shortage of flour and oil, find in this relationship a good time to discuss why glamorous women from the West find their men so attractive.

What men? And which women? By bringing out examples of Princess Diana and Jemima Khan, the score isn’t that high. But it is quite disgusting that these people say Britney is “bad news”. What was so good about the other two? They had money? They had power? They belonged to “good” families?

This isn’t restricted to Pakistanis. Do recall Elizabeth Hurley, the model-actress. Years after being with Hugh Grant, she moved on to Indian businessman Arun Nayyar. Although he was routinely described as a millionaire, a bit of irony was made public when she created a scene at Heathrow airport when she insisted that he be upgraded from Business Class to First Class. Here was the woman flaunting her fame and position. Where was all his money then? The same scene took place at their wedding ceremony in India a few months ago. It worked as the exotica she was seeking, but she was calling the shots. There was no chariness when the media spoke about how many rooms she had booked, how much money she had spent.

One should be happy about these developments. The men are being trained, aren't they? They are not. Even those who have lived and studied overseas suffer from a superiority complex they have acquired.

It isn’t merely glamorous women; any White woman would do. For the women the cultural barrier is not a big issue due to the subtle subservience the men are willing to accept. In public, they may appear to be like great brown arm-candy; privately, there is snootiness. Within months the guys get the hang of a foreign accent, they learn to cook and are ready to wait tables for the woman as she watches flickering candles. While they get a social advantage among their peers if they are seen with white women, psychologically they become slaves.

Their social circle remains the western friends they have acquired; they rarely socialise with people from their home countries and, if they do, their partners do not participate. These same guys would be playing feudals in their country of origin.

A Pakistani homemaker, quoted in a report, said, “Look at the way they treat our women. I think they are so chauvinistic and full of themselves. I wonder what these women find attractive in them? Maybe they should launch their charm offensive on Pakistani women.”

Forget it. They won’t even try. Jemima Khan and Princess Diana could have ‘interesting’ lives (the latter with men who in Asia would be considered really downmarket) and the subcontinent male would be fine with it. But would they accept this in a woman from their world? No!

Peel the layer of this studied westernisation and you will find that the entrenched attitudes of the past remain when they deal with women from ‘back home’. A desi woman who has strong opinions has “attitude problems”; a gori who has attitude problems and no attitude has “strong opinions”. Go figure.

"'Ghalib' buraa na maan jo vaaiz buraa kahe
aisaa bhii koii hai ke sab achchhaa kahe.n jise"


  1. FV:

    Does it matter?

  2. Princes Di and Jemima Khan - huh. They didn't set the bar high at all. You are right about them. Di acted like a "w***e" even according to her own mother and Jemima, look what happenned to her! They were both cut from the same cloth, and so is Britney. Britney might not be English and upper class, but she has the same morals in the gutter attitude, and I am certain Adnan could care less.

  3. FV
    Di and Jemima are from upper class and this Britney Bit** is sure from highly lower or the lowest class full of gutter (I just can't stand Britney Bit**), but, I notice this triangle has two things in common.....

    1:Mental sickness
    2:Attraction for Paki men

  4. Although I never liked her, I feel bad for Britney Spears.

  5. Mad, shameless attention seekers. The lot of them. Why the hell does Britney want to come to Pakistan? It's not as though Ghalib's oh-so-attached to his homeland.

    Incidentally, this is the first I'm hearing of it. Maybe it's just the people I'm around, but it doesn't seem to be such a hot topic.

  6. PS:

    Little bit! Waise, I was wondering why she could not pick up someone called Faiz or Faraz...Ghalib tau apna Indian aadmi tha...


    I am not too sure about Adnan's 'morals' too...


    I think all the khawaaten from the subcon should forget about aata-teil and queue up to whack the men..eik baat se achcha hai na? Humse tau jaan chhooti :)


    Well, yes, she needs help.


    Before she goes to Pakistan, she plans to fake death...don't ask me what the connection is.

    Am glad to be the one to break the news, but I have not made it up...

    Try this link...


  7. "...fake her death and embrace Islam and move to Pakistan and start a new life."
    Right. Yeah. No big deal, that.

    Seriously though, Dumbledore being gay was bigger(and better)news.


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