4 pm. Sun. At the window. Like it is waiting to enter. Only a reflection. Unreachable. Fool oneself. Deflect reality for a few minutes. Two trees where there is one. Like a painting on the fa├žade. Cable wires look like a spacious web. Spiders are homeless. Everything swathed in gold. Unaffordable. Too shiny. Won’t last. Dusk descends. And then the dark. Await another day’s sun.


  1. Excellent pic. I know you had to work a lot for this.

  2. Wrong. I did not work on it at all! Unless moving form one room to fetch the camera is work...

    Nature and a fairly good sense of 'looks' is often enough. The only thing I did was to crop off a part of the smaller tree on the left.

    Btw, when I work hard no one notices...case in point "I am well hung" post.

  3. :) haha. I like your comment. I appreciate the color of light in your image. It was today only that I was talking to a friend about how I love that amber color we get between 4-5pm back home. some of the best portraits are taken with that light.

    Although, I am not much of a beauty fan, I d rather go for the content than how the photograph looks but this kid creates some interesting images. Thought you might like looking at his stuff, if you haven't seen it already.


  4. Thanks for the link, Madiha. Well, yes, there is too much beauty, but that never hurts...

    Agree with the 4-5 pm lighting...