Soul Spit

You roam in my mouth
Every minute of the day
Like an obsessed lover
At night, unknown to me
You sometimes escape
A drop, a pillow trail
Like a silenced wail
You stick to every morsel like glue
Do you feel blue
Is that why you form a little bubble
At the tip of my tongue
Or gloss my lips
Waiting for a whiff
Of gentle breeze
Or the ardent desire
That will turn you to steam
Will you mix with the salt on skin
And layer it with your imprint
Will you fill the ear with liquid whispers
And hear the simper
Deep in my throat
I swallow you whole
You drizzle in me
And settle in the pit of my belly
I feel you
Can even listen to your sound
Inside my cheek
You are the honey, I the bee
The soul in my body
Sting me
Let the welts grow into bulbous flowers
I shall nurse you
The juicy wound
I have always ached for



circle said...

This poetry is excellent, yummy and full of flavor....yum yum yum....

Sanjeev said...

Hi Farzana,

I have been following your works since 1993....when i was studying in India. Your column use to appear in one of the weekly newspapers. I instantly 'fell in love' with your writing.After graduating i returned home, in 1999, and had no access to your writings.

Last week, I happened to find your blog by chance....and boy, was l glad?

Well, whatever, you do....please don't stop writing......your writing is just amazing....

Your writings remind me a lot of Mr.Wilde's....


FV said...


Hmmm...mmmm...a lot of life is yummy...
- - -
Hello Sanjeev:

I am truly delighted to encounter someone from 'back then', and the kind words only make my history seem not as moth-laden as I might on occasion lead myself to believe.

It is unlikely I will stop writing for there is nothing else I can do that would appear 'productive'.

Talking of Mr. Wilde, I got a note with delicious timing saying that I am rather Dorian Grayish! So, here is a quote I quite relish:

"I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."

Thanks for 'finding' me...

whatmeworry said...

Excellent poem ... hmm ... strangely erotic in an avante garde sort of way ... dunno if it was meant to be so. Or maybe it depends on the reader if she/he has a single track mind? :)

Borrowing this thread for a previous comment re:

The distinction you talk about would be valid if they had protested when others were shot down like dogs...

I repeat Imran's comment:

“She alone among Pakistan's political party leaders has given public support to the massacre of women and children that Musharraf caused when he ordered his troops to attack the Red Mosque in Islamabad… She also backed his attacks on civilians in the tribal regions.”

They too could have been tried in a court...

FV, almost ALL Pakistanis at another popular forum I frequent, perhaps 99%, vociferously supported the Jamia Hafsa massacre. Then, ALL the liberal English language media in Pakistan supported it too. Even Asma Jahangir - the great human rights advocate and activist - was no exception and had said Govt should have done it much earlier. They didn't even have qualms at the orphan girls (they were the only ones left in the end because they had nowhere to go) being burnt alive with white-phosphorous and their shelter demolished on their remains to bury the evidence.

Should they all be shot? I don't think so. Now they ALL realize it was wrong when they've seen the terrible blowback in the aftermath.

People will have opinions - vicious opinions - against the side which they oppose. It is sad but true. I do not fault anyone.

FV said...


There is nothing 'single-track' about erotica...it is a limitless expanse. Was this poem meant to be erotic? If one intends it then it takes away from the 'sense' of it.

Re. Imran, here you have a single-minded commitment!

I am with you about the attitude towards the Jamia Hafsa, but we are not talking about shooting the hypocrites in any field...we are talking about the stand they take.

"I do not fault anyone."

You are more of a liberal than you'd like to be, and certainly more than me:) I fault everyone, point fingers...

whatmeworry said...


If one intends it then it takes away from the 'sense' of it.

If one didn't know your writing, one would be totally lost what you meant by the above. Fortunately I'm one of the lucky ones who know what you mean ... not always, but often.

Re "I fault everyone, point fingers...", I will suffice to say I have discovered the futility of it all. Some people will do what they have to do, and ones on the other side will do what they have to do. Some will point fingers and some will point guns. The schism is just too large.

But I do appreciate your sentiments for those hapless souls for being burnt alive just for shouting Al Jihad - Al Jihad ... That's all they knew. They came there as little kids either as orphans or as castaways of their parents who could not afford girls growing up and to be married off respectably.

AND I am NOT a Liberal! I just understand the pain of both.