What warts?

I don’t even know how to adequately express my feelings, but gestures touch me to the core.

Often we hear it said, "No big deal!" How big or small you make something depends on one’s vision. I see life as a vast expanse and the tiny things, instead of seeming tinier, are in fact visible more clearly simply because there is more space.

So, don’t I get turned off by warts? No. Warts do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of us or of another. It is easy to snip them off but that is if you look at things only at the surface. I, unfortunately, don’t. I like to plumb the depths of even temporary warts because nothing is permanent anyway. Which is why when something springs forth from the warts, even if it is flaky reminiscences of their very existence or their different hues, I look at these closely…sometimes with an intensity that can destroy me.

Do I have a special affinity for warts? No. I just have certain abilities to understand things that are done with special intent and in an inspired moment, whether that inspiration comes from the mundane or the maverick. A moment is just that.

As some would say, "No big deal!" But I can’t. I’d say it is an intrinsic part of life. What you do with that moment is more valuable than what the moment does to you...

- - -

"Waqt ki quaid mein zindagi hai magar
chand ghadiyaan yehi hai jo azaad hai

inko kho kar kaheen jaan-e-jaan

Um’r bhar na tarastey raho..."


  1. Sure you weren't the one who came up with the traditional wart on the wich's nose?
    (After everything back in that piece...here's superficiality for you!)

  2. FV
    Sure, intense emotions for some are big deal, but for others,"no big deal"...

    B/c the later group can feel intense emotions for anyone anytime anywhere,"no big deal", haaa

    That's exactly what makes clear cut difference in depth and shallow beings.

  3. FV:

    I hate deals - big or small. No deal making on your blog, Ma'am.

    Loved the sher though.

  4. Mask:

    I dislike taking credit...as regards superficiality, who knows when the nose grows long and becomes Pinocchio and we get deeper into another story?


    Yes, but the deep can fall into crevices...dangerous!


    Ok, deal...

    The shaer is part of the famous ghazal, "Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo..."