White sun

What is this? The sun? The moon? Dark daylight? Or a bright night? It is the sun zoomed into. Almost white. So white it could be the moon. It could be the moon-dust I carried on my eyelids. A line that spread a bit on my cheeks, a little on my shoulders, my clothes…wherever I was, on the floor, reflecting a light that I was supposed to emanate.

I felt dark. Then I saw this sun. The kind of sun that makes one wonder about its identity. The kind of sun that is so like me…confusing, unpredictable…don’t even try to figure it out. It is blank. A blankness you cannot write on because you can zoom in on it only from afar. You get close and the heat will burn you. Your wings will melt.

If you want to fly with me, then wait for the dark. That is when I rest my weary head in another horizon and carry moon-dust on my eyes. I will leave some wherever I go. Perhaps you will then know what you need to forget…


  1. It is a relief to have you back and I like your sun,your thought I like always

  2. Thanks KB...I like the way you granted me ownership of the sun...