Talking to myself (On nostalgia about the future)

“I am feeling nostalgic about the future.”

“How is that possible? You can only remember the past, not the future.”

“I can remember loss.”

“But the future is yet to come…”

“All that arrives is not gain.”

“So you are getting nostalgic about what you will lose?”


“No gains?”

“Loss is gain.”


“It is in direct proportion to what you have got. When a crater is created it is a conscious act.”

“The use of dynamite is also conscious.”

“Dynamite is a means not the result.”

“By this logic, what is the means to loss?”


“Existence is a gain, isn’t it?”

“No. It is passive. Passivity lends itself to disappearance. That is loss. The gain is loss.”

“Then what are you nostalgic about? Usually one is nostalgic about something one recalls fondly.”

“Indeed. I remember with fondness all that has left me. With so many craters, my soil is ready for growth again. Meanwhile, they also leave one feeling light!”


  1. Just about managed to upload these...the Net connection is again gone, working with dial-up...laterz to all who want more...and thanks to the new entrants.

  2. I don't know what was that which left you, but I think dreaming is the best nostalgia for the future... So, keep dreaming!


  3. Philip:

    I am talking about what will leave...so I am an optimist an a futurist!

    Of course I dream, especially when not asleep.