Shred dreams

Shred dreams

Can you tear my dreams?

Enter my sleep

Swim in the whites of my eyes

Hover over the iris

Caress its brown skin

Speckled with the embers of sunbeam

Then penetrate the pupil

Do it quietly


Like a needle


Like a strand of silken hair

When you are inside

You will find the dream

Prismic passions

Entangled in snaky arms


Hissing out darts

Through sticky tongues

Aim straight

Do not wait

My dreams are in a hurry to find a home

They get anchored in boats on stormy seas

They make love to the waves

That rise with full force

And then fall limply into the waters

Liquid dreams

Don’t wait for them to get there

Tear them while you are inside

And they are still firm

The colour of fern

A green so deep

You can sink your teeth

While they break into shades

That will get lighter by the day

Soon shreds will give birth

To specks of earth

Brush them beneath

That dust will be the magic carpet

To fly me

Away from my needs

Tear my dreams

Let me sleep



Pune S said...


Tear my dreams
Let me sleep


FV said...