Don't cry for Kashmir

Jammu versus Kashmir? How many times do we have to listen to this, read this? Who has started these vicious discussions? Is it about the Amarnath Yatra that has been going on for so many years? Why do they suddenly want the land so desperately?

Today, for the first time in 13 years, the entire Valley is under curfew. Ten (or is it 14?) more people were killed in the Kashmir region. Who is responsible for this situation?

The politicians start the warfare and then sit back and watch. Why were the Hurriyat leaders put under house arrest while in the initial stages when the Hindutva parties had started creating mayhem none of those organisations were given similar treatment? If there is any mass movement in the Kashmir Valley, they are immediately arrested; this does not happen in Jammu. And they still want to know what the difference is?

The other day Ashok Pandit said on television that ‘they’ should go to Pakistan. Who is he to decide? How many years has he ever spent in the state, and we can talk of before the ‘insurgency’? He is in fact convenor of the separatist organisation called Panun Kashmir. Yes, you heard it right. I have been repeating myself and will continue to do so.

Now what is the problem? From a report:

The call for "Muzaffarabad chalo" was given by both the factions of Hurriyat Conference as well as the People's Democratic Party — and endorsed by Lashkar-e-Toiba. Others joining in were Kashmir Fruit Growers' Association, Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Traders Federation. Their aim was to "neutralize" the effect of the blockade "enforced" by the Shri Amarnath Sangharsh Samiti (SASS) spearheading the shrine land stir.

BJP’s Arun Jaitley jumped in to state:

“Where is the blockade. There is no blockade. It has been invented by the separatists who, after having been caught on the wrong foot, are seeking to guilt trip the Amarnath Shrine Sangharsh Samiti into calling off the Jammu agitation which is just and has been completely peaceful.”

Peaceful? Did he not see all those burning vehicles in the early stages, those bleeding bodies in hospitals? The BJP has always used this sort of ‘logic’ to get by.

Jaitley seemed to suggest that the Centre, which ignored the sentiments of the Jammu region till the scale of protests forced its hand, could even now be indulging the separatists by publicly buying into the "myth" that the Jammu protesters had enforced a blockade of the Valley.

So, what did the NDA government do for the camps of the Kashmiri Pandits? And now that he is saying it is possible to create myths, would he buy the one about the former governor Jagmohan arranging for the flight of the Pandits and whetting the fear, when a handful of Islamists were blaring from mosques?

How many leaders in Jammu have called for peace in the recent crisis?

However, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salfi, Secretary General of the Markazi Jamiat Ehle Hadees Hind organisation, said:

“There is a conspiracy to disturb the unity among the communities in the state and a careful approach is needed to restore peace and unity there.”

I have said it before. The Pandits have been made pawns and they are now willing to play the game.

While they are within their rights to agitate for this land – although it is a curious new development in the public eye – why is there no comment from the leaders of political parties about the random shooting of the procession? Such a large contingent could not have been organised spontaneously. It must have required some work and lots of fruits. Did no one know about this before? Were the authorities and the security forces sleeping that they could not take pre-emptive measures? Were they under the instructions of some other political party to let it start and then act, a strategy adopted in encounter killings?

A student gets killed and the CRPF calls him a militant. If they are so smart, then why don’t they have a list and put it up prominently for all to see?

Please do understand that the sounds in the Valley are for ‘Azadi’, except for a couple of fringe organisations that might want to talk with Pakistan.

For those who do not know. Whenever there is a curfew in some part of the Valley, and it happens often, due to poor roads in winter people do go without essentials for days.

And don't cry for Kashmir. It is time there was some clear-cut method in this madness. Or we give up the ghost.


  1. FV:

    Not many people have the courage to say this straight. When demonstrators in Kashmir can be fired upon, why is not the same treatment meted out to protesters in Jammu.

    I am not sure if everyone n Kashmir wants Azaadi is actually based on any inputs. It is conjectural.

    The BJP... they will sell their mother for two LS seats in Jammu region.

    There are two things -- one is a long-term solution and another is short-term peace. The two roads might converge and diverge at places. How all the interested parties play this out will determine the outcome?

  2. Jehadi Pune,

    Protestors in Jammu were targeted by the police,shot in the head(http://thekashmir.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/shot-in-the-head/).Demostrators in Jammu are not fighting for the Pakis.That's why theyn should not be fired upon whereas the valley muslims have killed many Hindus.So they should be shot like dogs.

    Yes,it's time the Paki flag waving scums of the valley are made to realise that the Indian state had enough of their jehadi nonsense.Jehadis cry for jehadis.We cry for India loving Hindus of Jammu.

  3. Thanks Farzana. This gives a clear brief of what's going on.

    An Indian said to me that Muslims will have this behaviour whether there's an 'excuse' or not.

    Oh well ...

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  5. PS, Zeemax:

    One tries to see things form another perspective...it is not always palatable.


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