Obama: The crowd prince

Everyone watched the Barack Obama inauguration.

I have begun to appreciate our netas a lot more. In India, the oath of office is not administered with hand on any holy book; the spouse does not stand there like an attendant; no one sings praises before the formal oath.

The Rs. 750 crore that was spent may not matter too much to America, and it is none of our business, but if Indian politicians have such expensive gigs, we do make a noise. When our leaders get donations from industrialists, we do not hesitate to tarnish their image.

What Obama said was a lot of feel-good stuff. When he spoke about how the United States would not be silent in the face of terror, I thought of Rajiv Gandhi and his “Nani yaad dila denge” speech. “Hope over fear” was such a silly phrase. But, then, Obama is dealing with xenophobia – so he went into every little ‘legacy’. He even acknowledged “non-believers”. This made no sense because being Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew you can still be a non-believer. Wonder what Tom Cruise felt since Scientology was omitted.

And that execrable poem in praise is now being published. For $8 and with a print run of 100,000, Americans can curl up and tossing marshmallows in the fireplace and think about how history was made, even as they must forget that long years ago a Black slave girl was exploited by a former President. That too is history.

God bless America…and Iraq and Afghanistan and whichever country it eyes next…


  1. FV:

    Obama will eventually end up as a victim of his own hype. When oratory skills and TVgenic nature of your family is the criterion for Presidency, we can only have hope, sugar and such things.

    It is not that I love Bush but that I love Obama no more.

  2. You are correct about Obama but Americans are more patriotic then Indians.We don't care about all this oath and speeches.Why you think this happens??

  3. fv
    Obama failed first test badly by NOT ordering the inaugural committee to stop all such spendings in such an economic crises, when people are losing their jobs and their houses daily.....where big companies are already announcing bankruptcy....America is actually bankrupt and in deep shit hole of all sorts of crisis created by Bush.....

    Bush bankrupted the whole world by spending enormously on Iraqies, Afghanistanies, Pakistanies and Palestanians genocide....

    Obama won this election on Hope and change with inspiration for bringing new theme to Washington DC's politics.......

    Obama could have won more stature simply by not getting himself in to this trap of extravaganza....

    Obama could have limitized himself only to office oath in WH followed by a speech....that's pretty it....

    But, Obama's change mantra began with the expense of $170 millions........what a waste...

    CNN symbolically called Obama's big inauguration as Muslim's Hajj ceremony...

    That inauguration gave me sadness about America's sutpidities.......

    And gave me hopelessness........


  4. It is really sad that so much money got wasted on the inauguration. As an incoming President, Obama should have avoided it.

    Also, his complete silence on many issues before his actual oath taking indicates that he may not be one for speedy decisions.

  5. You are right ...god bless the country US eyes next ....One guy who would have had a few extra Cognac shots , while watching Obama taking oath, is Dear Mr Zardari in the winter of Islamabad, he must be wondering what a bad time to become president.......with oil at sub $40 and US bases firmly in striking distances of all major hot spots, Pakistan is a used Condom for US ....terrorism has gone bankrupt. I met an old friend of mine who works for UBS in Hyderabad, his views are even more amusing .....who funded Jihadis ...Saudis and the Arabs, how did arabs make money ....oil ....which is gone below cost price now ...where did they invest their oil money ..in two things ....buying real estate in US ....busted ....in US stock market specially banks ....rogered....what have the arabs signed up for ..buidling an army and an airforce completely based on US equipment and training .....guess who is going bankrupt ....... not the yankees ...they are still getting gas at less than $ 2 a gallaon ...

  6. Farzana,

    I'm quite sick of all the adulation myself. I mean, come on. What happened to cynicism? Does nobody watch South Park anymore?

    But, then, Obama is dealing with xenophobia – so he went into every little ‘legacy’. He even acknowledged “non-believers”. This made no sense because being Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew you can still be a non-believer

    Yes, you can be a non-believer and be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jew but I really appreciate his move. It’s not an easy move to explicitly name non-believers in the US.


    Atheists are the most despised people in the US, way ahead of Muslims, homosexuals and Jews, according to research by the University of Minnesota. They are regarded as "a threat to the American way of life by a large portion of the American public" and almost half the country wouldn't vote for an atheist as president. Godless Americans – there were 29.4 million of them (14 per cent) in 2001 – deserve much better than this

    And, by the way, I really like the way you write. I think I’m going to come here a lot more.


  7. PS:

    Hype seems to work. Take Clinton. I guess we like people as products.


    I agree that Americans are more demonstrative about being American. Is it patriotisim or the sense of wanting to belong? We don't make much of a noise because the politician does not care about what we think, anyway.

    Circle, Milind:

    Since this was written he has taken some pro-active steps, so I suppose he will make some immediate changes to justify the 'change' mantra.


    Now our man Obama is not even a little bit of an Arab so we cannot pity those guys.


    The advantage an atheist has is a/he can swing to any religious position when the need arises. While the academic paper you quote might have some substance I do not think that at the level of overt and covert policy there is much resistance and they do not feel compelled to form ghettoes.

    I am sure the Americans would market an atheist heaven if push came to shove.

    Thanks for stopping by... although it's a bit dry here these days!


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