Did you dream about Obama?

This is probably par for the course as pop culture goes, but must it be given any academic or even social legitimacy?

In a report titled White House Fantasy - Women dream of sex with prez that appeared in the New York Times News Service, Judith Warner, after a couple of chance anecdotes about dreams of the President, including her own, decided this could be national trend. After sending out emails, she came to the hey, presto! conclusion that it was indeed a trend. People were dreaming about O-ing with Obama, and it included degrees of guilt regarding his wife Michelle. (Dreams have morals?)

It is a bit intriguing that no one had dreams about sex with Bill Clinton when he was in office. This sort of reeks of a dumbing down of the Presidential candidate. Do not forget there were several analyses about how women dreamed about pop singer Madonna. That was Barbie-in-hardware-store-stopping-by-for-some-sublimity-stuff.

The Obama fantasy is a bit more uptown girl trying to be do-gooder. It’s a trip down the yo mamma denial in full play. I do not agree with the writer’s further analysis:

I understood perfectly where these cozy dreams of easy familiarity came from. It was that sense so many people share of having a very immediate connection to Barack Obama, whether they’re black or biracial, or children of single parents or self-made strivers; or they’re lawyers or community organizers or Ivy League graduates.

Isn’t easy familiarity more likely with those that truly changed either the course of events or were doing ornery things? How many people are involved in community work, are lawyers and have studied at Ivy League Universities? Did anyone ever hear about dreams of Abe Lincoln, who did a lot to free the slaves, or Jimmy Carter, the peanut farmer, or at a ‘green’ pinch, Al Gore? (If identification and an element of the Stockholm Syndrome prevail, then why not Thomas Jefferson for his nubile slave girl-mistress Sally Hemmings?)

Why are the underdogs left out of the dream machine? This is about power and the belief that they, the dreamers, have given it to him.

Take this example of a 62-year-old’s dream recounted by her daughter:

“Michelle had divorced Barack because he had become ‘too much of a star.’ He then married my mother, who was oh so proud to be the first lady.”

See? He cannot be too much of a star. They clothed the emperor and now Obama should be grateful that they let him create history or else he’d continue being a backroom idealist like Martin Luther King to be brought out for the fiery speeches and civil rights talk.

The other advantage is that the Obamas do not do what are atypically Black things. They fall in the safe zone of mainstream stereotypes. No one will dream about walking with Barack hand in hand down Harlem, will they?

Is this change or a ‘be our kind of man’ challenge? Wonder if anyone would sleep over this...


  1. Obama became marketing ploy and this dreaming is part of same racket.Like India where dalit will be in power but poor dalit still suffers poor black will also suffer.Stupid dreaming

  2. KB:

    Spot on. These are merely placebo effects of a society trying to come to grips with 'change'.


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