The Renewal of Ram: Please go ahead, thank you…

Why are people surprised? I am absolutely thrilled that the BJP has asserted its intentions of constructing the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, that too at an official meeting of the party's national council. As Rajnath Singh, the new fall guy of the party (L.K.Advani, the prime ministerial candidate, has to talk about ordinary things like development and behave like a statesman) stated:

“Jahan tak Ram Janambhoomi ka sawal hai, koi ma ka lal Bhagwan Ram me hamari aastha aur nishta ko hila nahi sakta (No one can shake BJP's faith and reverence to Lord Ram)."

Now, I don’t have the time to be a “ma ka lal” to shake the faith of 80 per cent of my country’s population. I mean, what if I stamp my foot on the ground, bang my hands on the table, shout and scream ke nahhhiiin, no mandir there, can you imagine the burden on my vocal, sole and fist power that they will shake the belief system that is so ancient that they had to break another structure to return to the real McCoy?

In the early days there were some Muslims who were talking about gifting away the Babri mosque as though it belonged to them. Now that it is not there anymore and Hindutva parties insist that Ram Lalla’s cradle was right there several centuries ago, I think we can let them regress to their infancy. Maybe that will be the beginning of their growing up phase.

It is time for everyone to just let it go. Muslim groups should play it cool, like go for a walk, take a deep breath, go play gulli-danda or join some akhada, let out steam in a halal sauna and chill with some Rooh Afza.

You know why it should not matter? Because once these blokes have the temple blueprint and no one objecting, they will get panicky. They will have nothing to fight about, no issues to ride on, zilch. Then we can watch the fun from the sidelines.

Therefore, good luck for the Ram temple my saffron brothers and sisters. Keep your aastha (faith); I’ll keep the aas (hope).


  1. FV:

    That seems to be a good idea. But politics toh donon side hi honi hai What about those guys?

    In any case, to evoke Mnadir-masjid today is akin to evoking Garibi Hatao in 1992. Every political idiom and every emotive issue has a shelf-life. This one's been over long back. Only old foggies like Advani, fools like Rajnath and rabid radicals like Modi fail to see the expiry date.

  2. If muslims give way this time then it will be compromise all the time.Your analyses is good but politicians will find out how to make most of everything.BJP has no other agenda

  3. PS:

    It may be an old issue, but history shows us how we regurgitate it all the time to fight contemporary causes.

    And no, it isn't only the Rajnaths, Advanis and Modis...watch the web punks parrot the same lines.


    I think my reasoning makes it clear that the ball will be in the other court. There are several compromises that are made and I don't think the Muslim public has any say in the matter, anyway. They only suffer the consequences.

  4. The coming elections will tell whether the voters still give a damn about Ram mandir.Indian voters maybe are illiterate and unsavy (not the elite crowd who proclaimed in Mumbai "no security no vote"..), but are less gullible than before.
    Ram mandir was a non issue anyway in the far easten corner and the southern states.The whole country has been hijacked on this issue by the Hindi heartbelt. Hope this election will be different..remember the results of the 5 states after the Mumbai attack? Nobody voted for the anti terrorism plank, but voted for development and gorvernance.
    At this moment Congress seems to be the right party, though we are stuck with the dynasty then..but Sonia is not that bad, right:)?
    So keeping my fingers crossed and desperately hoping that this time the dalits, the muslims and the poor and underpriviledged of all sections will find their voice.

  5. RBaruah:

    The problem is not so much about voting patterns, but horse-trading and alliances forged AFTER the elections. Does the ordinary voter have any say in that?

    The state election results often differ, and especially after a tragedy...more than development they voted for 'saving their money'.

    The Congress will play the same game as the others where partners are concerned...we will have it sitting uncomfortably with the SP in UP, a SP with a Kalyan Singh who will demand his pound of flesh...and so on with the rest...

    The people's voice will have to be their own and not of the 'leaders'.


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