Nothing to write home about

The destination was close. I did not know it. For some days I have been taking a left, then another left and another followed by a right and a left. That is the only way I knew. Today while getting out I decided to go the other way. What do you think I found? That it is a straight road from where I am with only one turning.

No disappointment. I discovered four new lanes.


An old pen was between the pages of an older diary. It still writes. I drew squiggles. I always draw squiggles to test out pens. It has now become my new pen.


I waited for two hours because someone else was pushy enough to take my slot. I sat there waiting. Just waiting. I did not read or scribble or talk on the phone. The wait became interesting. And when it ended there was emptiness for what I waited for was done in a few minutes.


Leafing through yesterday's paper I realised that there is nothing like the past. The news is like a snake; it only sheds skin. Shed skin is not the past.


The sky was overcast at 5 PM. The sky does not have a clock.


  1. In one of those obscure radio stations, I tuned into... just by chance in texas last august. I realised they predict MOOD for the day ...based on your year of birth ..I said ...No science is required ....If the weather is ovcercast ..it is time rush home ...browse through old CDs and play the gazals you havent heard for a long time..grab a Vodka with redbull ...or the stacked away chardonnay.open all the windows...put the phone on silent mode and just relish nostalgia unplugged ...isnt rocket science ...
    You are right...sky doesnt have a clock and doesnt need one ....humans have made life complicated unneccesarily....
    You are right about news....same crap repeated over and over again ...
    Btw..The good Old days are back ...Pune and Other folks will be joining gang again I guess...
    Weekend and Sea side cafe was your receipe ...wasnt it ....or ...

  2. Manish:

    I'd say life is complex; we simplify it with ready-to-grasp mumbo jumbo. There is complexity in doing things our way because we aren't static.

    Good old days are back? Hmm...

    My recipe remains the same, but the seas do not beckon the way they did.