Was it good for him?

If we thought we were human, then wait. Our ancestors could have got into the sack with Neanderthals in some of those weak moments that make us human, to begin with. It was probably 33,000 years ago, but it’s not such a long time considering the speed at which sperms travel and make home in ovaries.

Therefore, residual genes might well be residing in us. That ought to make us less than human which, if we delve upon how society functions, is not quite out of the ordinary.

This brand new research was published in the US journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’, although the researchers were European. The reason probably is to make America not feel left out. As you may well know, the Neanderthals did not live in the United States. They were in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Of course, don’t shoot back that there was no America then. There was always America; it just remained hidden.

I digress. Before these guys went to check out on how we cohabited with them, I mean Neanderthals not Americans, we already knew that the Ns buried their dead, could not throw a spear to save their lives, and did not like the weather (oh, so British), were short and bulky and, guess what? We ate them. Yes. Most early theories suggest that humans got rid of them.

This might be the earliest instance of trying to silence the enemy you slept with. And, of course, it also suggests that evolution is not all it is made out to be. There are conspiracy theories in science too, therefore science is not all logic and reason. It is based on some interesting little ideas that take off because they seem plausible.

I was a bit surprised to read that one of those great scientific minds is not sure whether they produced children. Like the Neanderthals were quite happy getting into the act with people they did not know and they were genetically incompatible with. It perhaps was an okay thing to wham, bang, thank you ma’am. After all, morality was not an issue. It also reveals that the modern human did not have these issues and could just as well have some fun.

There is a dark side to this story. It could have set the idea of racial and physical superiority. Humans even then were suppler and must have felt that they’ve had enough and need to create a pure race. They, therefore, just did the thing that would get rid of the species as also test the mettle of their molars and incisors.

Since the inter-breeding theory is still being tested, I’d say this is a revelation about us rather than about the Neanderthals. We cannot stand any Other. Our prejudices are as deep as they are superficial. We are the ones who need to be researched. As for having sex, we don’t spare anyone. Or anything.

And if we have to a large extent outgrown cannibalistic instincts, it is because we now decimate people emotionally.


  1. fv
    So, prejudice is animal and pride is human.

    If we view humans in this context, Goras are the worst animals in human kingdom and blacks come second.

    Browns are the most normal among humans with less prejudice....

  2. Circle:

    We Browns may not be terribly prejudiced in terms of race, but colour (fair is so important), caste, financial position, social status...all make us equally condemnable.




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