Farewell to rubbish

A music video will now protest against terrorism. Singer Shibani Kashyap’s Alvida will get wide coverage; it has television actors holding placards.

Says the singer:

“It’s been a year now and people tend to forget these tragedies. I personally think that they need to reminded every now and then of the need to carry on with their protest against terrorism.”

People forget many tragedies and isn’t that the idea behind the Salaam Bombay treacle when they talk about the city of survivors? Why the desperate need to remember this one? Has anyone asked for follow-up stories on several criminal acts committed?

Apparently the song has three connotations:

  1. A tribute to the victims
  2. For the policemen and the commandos who helped the people out
  3. For “no more farewells” and no more terrorism, corruption and communalism

Good. This will ensure the channels run this video and people buy the album. It is showtime folks, and everyone wants a beam of the arc lights.

What has really pissed me off is Shibani’s comment:

“26 November is as important a day as 26 January or 15 August.”

Do these people even know what they are talking about? Have we got independence on this day? From whom? Have we been declared a republic? I mean, does ignorance have no limits?

And look at the posters.

Just what does ‘Pain and sorrow we are here to borrow’ convey? As though it is some money-lenders sitting around and these guys are willing to pay interest as long as they can get a share of some of the tragedy moolah?

‘We are a peace loving nation then why is there no peace?’

Maybe it is unrequited love or something, love? Like that? Now, go…alvida


  1. This is seriously WTF video!!

    We are a peace loving nation? we believe in non-violence? OMG!!!!!!! Do these idiots live in some parallel, heavenly version of India where there are no communal riots, no caste violence, police brutality, human rights violations etc

    Jeez, these celebrities are even dumber than I thought!

    The shocker is that it is produced by Vikram Bhatt. And what is Mahesh Bhatt's protege Rahul Roy doing holding that stupid placard.
    Mahesh Bhatt must be tearing his hair out in frustration.

  2. Eklavya:

    I am not one bit surprised. This is the 'agenda', and even those who did not take part in the farce at that time are willing to do so now.

    What I am amazed is that I do not see the media questioning anything. All the ills of our society get wiped out with this 'pain to borrow'. Disgusting.


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