Khalistanis, Kashmiris, Saudis and 26/11...

...crime and punishment?

Year: 1984. Crime: Robbery. Amount: Rs. 82,000. Criminals: Khalistani terrorists.

25 years is a long time and the value of the money would have been much more, yet why would six alleged Khalistani terrorists storm a bank armed with sten guns and make away with just this much?

Within days, the Crime Branch nabbed four of the six alleged terrorists – Jasveer Singh, Amarjeet Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Jaswinder Singh – who were soon released on bail.

While two were subsequently killed in an encounter and one is believed to be living in the USA, Jasveer changed his name and married and settled down with his children in Delhi.

Fast forward to June 2009: Jasweer was nabbed and within three months granted bail. Why was he nabbed? For the hold-up? For terrorism? The witnesses could not recognise him and the defence lawyer had an ace up his sleeve when it was found that the investigating officer was present:

“The presence of a police officer during the identification parade is not permissible under law, and hence the court didn’t accept the witness depositions which were also riddled with inconsistencies due to passage of time.”

So Jaswinder Singh, alleged terrorist of the ‘Khalistan Zindabad Force’, is technically free after a quarter of a century. The point is, if he had terrorist links should there not be further investigations besides the bank robbery angle? Would he not know about the others?

Why are we hearing about this now? The Mumbai Police arrested him in June on a tip-off. What was the tip-off about? He obviously must be an important player for them to act so fast after a 25 year gap.

Now let me give you more news. This appeared in today’s paper, but he was acquitted on Friday. What is so important? Friday was October 31. October 31 is the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

Point noted, m’lord.

- - -
Rukhsana Kauser has been made a special police officer with the Jammu and Kashmir Police Force.

She killed a Lashkar-e-Taiba militant, who wanted to marry her, and two others were injured during the firing. This happened last month when they entered their house and started beating up her parents.

Forced to hide under the bed, she could take it no more:

“I thought I should try the bold act of encountering militants before dying.”

Ms Kauser said she grabbed one of the militants by the hair and banged his head against the wall. When he fell down she hit him with an axe, before snatching his rifle. "I fired endlessly. The militant commander got 12 shots on his body."

This went on for four hours.

“I had never touched a rifle before this, let alone fired one. But I had seen heroes firing in films on TV and I tried the same way. Somehow I gathered courage - I fired and fought till dead tired.”

Is it this easy? Should not the police force make it mandatory for its officers to watch films, and even the citizens? We are talking about LeT guys here who could not handle a woman and her teenage brother. Is this for real? For five years the fellow was active in the area and all it took was raging hormones to do him in? If they are this stupid, we have nothing to fear. After all, the brave girl is now with the police force and she will show it to them. Himalaya ki gaud mein…

- - -

Saudis fighting Al Qaeda might sound like tautology gone awry.

But a Reuters report tells us that the kingdom has been battling Islamic militants who “launched a campaign to destabilise the kingdom in 2003”.

The US will be pleased as punch to get these soft stories occasionally:

Television footage showed security forces unearthing 281 assault rifles and 41,000 rounds of ammunition hidden in a concrete block buried near the capital.

The cache is linked to the 44 “deviant” militants suspected of planning attacks, the television said. Authorities said in August the arrests led to the seizure of 17 rifles, 50 machineguns, 96 remote detonators and ammunition in Riyadh and the northern province of Qassim.

Now, the king and Obama will exchange gifts, and the Taliban will be left with the Al Qaeda baby. Coz you know, America has a thing for monarchies.

End Note:

The Mumbai Police plans to hold a day-long programme of a series of cultural events at the Gateway of India on the first anniversary of the November 26 terror attacks.

Cultural events? For what? Whose crazy idea is this? Will they have demos by chefs on the Zodiac Grill menu of the Taj’s famed restaurant? Will the ladies from Cuffe Parade pen elegies and read them out in choked voices? Will children be trussed up as brave officers and commandos min a fancy dress competition? Or will we have percussions going boom-boom as the Coast Guards march along? Or perhaps Milind Deora will play the guitar and tell da people you got nuttin to worry, we got da man, da man named Kasab? Or there could be a ghazal programme to show solidarity with Muslims!

You think I am being cynical? Bloody hell, I am not, it is these people with their put-on nonsense who are. Try them in private and listen to their fake souls cry false tears.

Then question me.

Some stupid Salaam Mumbai is not going to change things, and if it will it is only for the creamy layer, the big cats. No one takes strays for a walk.


  1. fv,
    u definitely are sounding cynical in ur comments about rukhsana..
    AK-47 is very easy to handle and fire ...for the same reason it is the favorite weopon of terrorists all over the world.
    terrorist in the presence of a girl and a boy may become complacent and a woman making a sudden grab for an AK and being successful is very much possoble..
    An enraged girl with a loaded Ak-47 without safety....no one has a chance.
    remember fear of a dreaded terrorist scares a person and prevents her/him from doing anything..but bullet once fired is not afraid...:)

  2. Mash:

    u definitely are sounding cynical in ur comments about rukhsana..

    Chalo, baaqi teen items bach gaye!

    Let's get serious. From your opinion about AK-47s, one conjectures that terrorists take the easy way out. If it is so easy to operate, then why are more terrorists not being disposed off by the security forces?

    This guy came with a purpose, so it wasn't complacency. He did beat up the father and uncle. He had not come alone. Rukhsana did not fire once, so it was not a case of "bullet once fired", though I like your line...

    To extend this a bit, do you realise that elevating her, a person with no experience or training, to the level of special police officer amounts to being a sop? Had a cop approached her with the same fervour and got killed, would she have still got the job? Do you realise the threat to her life now, and the fact that the police is probably using her?

    And, had a woman elsewhere done something similar would your opinion have been the same?

    These days you are in a fighting mood :)

    Here's what you could tell Rukhsana:

    "Zara nazroun se keh do ji nishana chhot na jaaye"

  3. oh no fv, i absolutely relish reading ur ideas and comments...and i am in total agreements with ur views about her being projected rather pushed into national media glare without giving any regard to her personal security...i view it as signing her death warrant as now terrorist organisations have been given a clear cut target acheiving wich will give media millions of sound bytes and an oppurtunity to cry crocodile tears...
    as far as complacency is concerned..imagine a small dhok in a far off hillock...and a dreaded terorist barging into the house and once finding it occupied with some hapless family and after beating the father...i m sure the man was thinking he is god himself....
    so rukhsana grab..though has only one in a million chance of succeding..did succeed...
    AK-47 on auto mode which terroists normally keep, will fire 20 bullets in 1-2 seconds once a trigger is pressed....
    all i wanted was for u to be a little kind to the girl and give her her due...she killed a bloody dreaded terorist...
    if it was a security personal...by now he lot of ink would be flowing to describe his heroics...:)

  4. Yeah we can smell conspiracy in the Ruksana story. Just like the holocaust and sep 11 - an inside job.

  5. Mash:

    What poor girl? I would not even be able to hold an AK-47, and am not a girl either!

    I am afraid I still can't get myself to applaud her, but then I would not have let a lot of ink to flow for a security person, so my tears remain mehfoos. No bullet can finish them off.


    We welcome your sarcasm...bring it on...

  6. i never said poor girl...
    come on fv , dont be so stingy with ur admiration...
    let ur eyes widen in disbelief and then smile with incredulity....yeeee
    who is trying to finish them...yehi to rozgaar hai...duniya ko darr ke nazaare dikha ke rakhna taaki koi aapse saawal karne ki zurrat na karre

  7. I am not being stingy, Mash, but my incredulous smile would certainly not make a difference to the larger question. It is not about one individual (and apologies, you did not call her a poor girl; you only asked me to be kind to her) but the system's aptitude to find sacrificial goats. Also, Rukhsana has made demands so it goes beyond defending herself. Everyday people are up against such weapons. The media will pick up a story if it is fed to them and has some dramatic appeal.

    So my eyes do widen with disbelief...what you call cynicism:)

    Darr dikhayi nahin deta, mehsoos hota hai. Aur beshaq log sawaal karein hamare bayaan aur andaaze bayaan par, neeyat par nahin...

  8. What if the girl had killed a security personnel? You can bet your last dollar on how Farzana would spin it as the awakening of a female warrior with a will to yield an AK, forged from the muslim rage against the Indian oppressor and something that shouldn't be seen as entirely surprising.

  9. Oh dear, ok, you are half right...Farzana would have talked about human rage against the Establishment. Because no one expects protection from terrorists; they do from the security agencies.

    Don't bet in dollars...we do rupees here.


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