Sold Celebs

Simon Cowell has made a huge contribution. Nah, not to eyebrow-raising ‘perfectionism’, but to charity. He has donated his time. 60 minutes of his lifetime have been auctioned for charity and snapped up for £19,000.

I have no idea what he will do with the bidder in that hour. The buyer happens to be his music business rival Lucian Grainge, chairman of Universal Music.

It’s a bit beyond quirky, this business of doing something for lesser beings. Celebrities who can shell out money like normal folks and put them in envelopes and send them to wherever they are needed will insist on ‘doing something’. We have had enough of the rainbow families of Hollywood stars.

Last month Charlize Theron sold a kiss. Yup, a good old mouth-to-mouth one.

When the bidding got sluggish, she yelled out, “For f*** sake! You can do better.” It wasn’t quite a fug she was offering, though. She decided on a 7-second kiss to a male bidder. “Swine flu is going around. This is high risk kissing!” she told him.

It turned out that a woman upped the stakes to $140,000 and got a 20-second smooch. The audience kept count.

It might work as parody - celebrity parts and passion on sale. Ho-hum. But, as charity it demeans both the bidders as well as the ones who will benefit. I wonder why aid organisations permit such disgusting capers. The one who gets away with the attention is the celebrity who will go down as a concerned citizen.

Does it sensitise people to the cause they are supporting? Cowell’s 60 minutes and Theron’s smooch are in the media. And I cannot let myself get away so easily for commenting on them as well. I don’t know who the heck the money will go to.

So, yes, count me in as culprit too.

That will be...umm…how many dollars for gritting molars?


  1. Anon_for_good_reason08/11/2009, 22:26

    Didnt understand simon thing..
    But dont know wat is so shaming about Charlize's kiss..if the money goes to help someone..should have given them atleast benefit of doubt..whether it is even for publicity..a victimless crime..except for those who are offended by it..???!!!

  2. Where did I refer to the kiss as 'shaming' or even implied it? Case of projection or being more loyal than the king...or queen?

    The 'aid' industry takes advantage of people as much as politicians and their hollow promises. Think about it.


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