Happy Hour

If you get a salary, then don’t look for happiness. You are so unfocussed that you probably don’t even care about the money you will get at the end of the month.

Researchers at University of Toronto and Stanford University found that being paid by the hour had a greater impact on employees wellbeing as they give more attention to their pay than those who earn a salary.

Apparently, for those 60 minutes people think only about work and not coffee, silly jokes and the rest of the things that can make you wretched. Now, since all your efforts are rewarded within this short span of time, you just feel elated with what you get.

If we take these findings into consideration, then commercial sex workers should be very happy indeed. So, also housemaids, nannies, people who do odd jobs and errands.

Why are they looking for security when they can just be so happy? Does it mean that security and an assured paycheque cannot provide happiness? Are people who work the full shift and even overtime not focussed on their jobs? Is focus a good yardstick to measure happiness?

To me this sounds like looking at one tree all day when you are in the woods and the birds are chirping, leaves falling and luscious fruits hanging from branches and the fragrance of wild flowers gently settles on your skin. If this isn’t happiness, then I’ll take some misery.

But, if it is a question of making a choice of not doing a regular job, then we are talking about a different issue. Some of us did make that decision to explore perhaps something of relevance only to ourselves. Others see it as luxury, but it does keep you on edge. (And, hello, we aren’t paid by the hour…if that were the case then the sky owes me a hell of a lot of money!) We may work at a pace that is not fast enough, we may not have anything to return to since we don’t go out and slay whatever has to be slayed. And on days we may just sit and blog and hope someone reads and thinks we are worth the time.

So, come on, make my hour. Make me happy.


  1. People who dont work are happiest!!

  2. Yes...my thoughts exactly. I also realise if I did not 'work', many other would be happier here!