Who is heeding Headley?

So, now we know it all. After they have done it all. Here are some gems from a TOI report that we can really chew up, rather than chew on:

The FBI interrogation of David Coleman Headley alias Daood Gilani has, for the first time, confirmed what India has always known that a section of serving Pakistan army officers is working in collaboration with India-specific jihadi groups like the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).

Really? If it was known then was it conveyed in those thousands of pages of dossier sent to Pakistan?

We will come to the ‘jihadi targets’ in a bit. Here is fresh news (italics mine). Do read it to see my response in perspective:

A senior police officer, on condition of anonymity, confirmed the fact that a top policeman had spoken to a Pakistani handler during the first night of terror last year…the senior officer identified himself as a steward to the handler and said that an injured terrorist had given him the phone and asked for further instructions. The officer said that the terrorist was bleeding profusely and wanted him to speak to the handler. He spoke in Hindi but initially the person on the other end was not interested in giving any instructions, the source said. The handler insisted that the steward give the phone to the injured terrorist and asked for his location but the officer on the line said that since firing was going on, it was not possible to get him to the phone. At this, the handler directed the cop to pass on instructions to the terrorist to proceed towards the swimming pool and disconnected the call, the source said. The cops were taken aback by this instruction since it clearly showed that the attackers had detailed information about the inside of the hotel.

Why were the cops taken aback? Do they not familiarise themselves with sites that are in trouble? In the same manner, such groups will do some research. Today, one can find one’s way almost in any part of the world with exact driving instructions with Google maps. The inside of hotels or establishments might not be so easy, but it isn’t all that tough. As for the pool, you can just go to the loo of the new section of the Taj and walk along and take a right and there is the pool staring at you in the face. If you are in the old section, you don’t even have to do all this turning right stuff. Just go straight and beyond the lifts is the pool which is visible to the naked eye, even if you are myopic. You can go to shop for sarees and the pool is before that. What detailed information does anybody need?

What the cops should have been taken aback by is that one of the handlers, who are supposed to be smart chaps, agreed to even entertain the ‘steward’. Heck, back from all those years ago when one read espionage thrillers, these guys knew when to shut up. Let us not forget there weren’t too many of these fellows inside the hotel and terrorists, however smart they are, cannot assume that the security of any city would not hit them back with great force.

Why did the cop not fake his identity and pretend to be one of the boys? He could have muffled his voice and sounded injured. He might have been given more information.

How did the handler, without speaking to his man, ask that he be instructed to go towards the swimming pool? Did he assume the ‘steward’ might not pass on the information to a cop? Did the handler think that such instructions would indeed be passed on? It is too darned cocky to imagine that he could use the employee of the hotel, a hotel that has been attacked, to act as courier for the attacker.

We do not know if the cop-steward did go towards the pool and what transpired. It is, I am sure, something that needs to be kept under wraps to help investigations, now that the FBI has got Headley in its pockets. The poor fellow apparently was denied his hope of waging war against Kashmir because he was considered too old for military operations by LeT commander Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi.

Look what happens. You get the US involved and they will bring in Kashmir. On second thought, we always bring in Kashmir because Pakistan has little interest in anything else Indian.

This brings us to the targets.

The names are clearly not those that might get Pakistan excited under normal circumstances. These are names that might rattle sensible Indians and Indian Muslims.

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, Shiv Sena Bhavan in Dadar, Mumbai, RSS headquarters at Nagpur, BARC, Trombay, Jalvayu Vihar in Powai (where defence services personnel live), residential colonies at Kalina, National Defence College, Delhi.

Even if Kashmir is the big thing, these targets seem off.

Headley also revealed to the FBI that most of the targets in India had already been mapped for a fresh wave of attacks and these included not only important establishments but also well-known leaders whose killings could spark communal violence.

And how would communal conflagrations help Pakistan? Has it been of any assistance in the past?

Is this being done to put Indian Muslims in trouble? Or is Headley, now the FBI’s toyboy, being trained to say these things so that the heat is off Pakistan and the masters of Pakistan?

Are these people daft to think that if the leaders mentioned were made targets and there were communal riots, it would be started by their supporters? This again assumes that the security apparatus would not get it and is unable to stem the riots despite being aware that they have been incited by outside forces?

I am afraid the whole scenario is a bit bizarre.

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End note

Found this portion of a quote used as a headline rather amusing:

‘Passion as important as apparatus’ - former director-general of police, P S Pasricha


  1. FV has a problem with HEadley's arrest.

    FV has a problem with Karkare's missing jacket.

    FV has a problem with indians being angry at the terrorist attack.

    The only thing FV isn't angry about: the jihadis who atacked the city she claims her own.

  2. Arjun:

    Why so many FVs? Is this the gayatri mantra?

    1. Point out where I have said anything about Headley's arrest being wrong.

    2. Every citizen should be concerned about Karkare or any officer's missing jacket in a sensitive case. There are PILs filed, and not by me.

    3. Not a problem with Indians being angry at the terrorist attacks, but Indians making a circus out of it - incidentally, I have taken on the mullahs and liberal groups too with their rallies.

    4. This is my city more than it is yours, and you damn well know it. Is expression of anger only of one kind, the juvenile delinquents going 'enough is enough' all dressed up for it? What have they done? Have the security agencies come up with anything that can be considered singularly concrete?

    As an Indian I do have problems with letting the FBI mess around and do read my statement on that. It clearly says it takes the heat off Pakistan. Did you READ THAT?

    No. You sit with your blinkers on. Did you read my post on an IM as PM and how I am against the idea? Do you even care about that?

    If anyone is obsessed with jihadis, then it is you. You sit and post stuff about Pakistan. I do it from the Indian POV. That is my concern.

    If you think your continual haranguing is some great counter-reaction, then sorry, it isn't. You are just drum-beating.

    It is easy to throw one-liners around rather than see the layers.

    Anyhow, please be my guest.

  3. If I was Harsha Bogle and this was a One Dayer...here's how it will flow ;
    Tendulkar saw this Sarcastic smile on the bowler's face and saw this loose ball coming right through the hands of the Bowler and in his most natural style , wacked it across the mid wicket boundary without a trace of resistance from the fielders...thats the beauty of the man, he punishes every "Loose" ball ruthlessly and carries a child like calm on his face....
    He taps his bat and gets ready for next one :)

  4. I am really stunned and baffled at the behaviour of – the likes of Headley. Though many secularists of India like Kuldip Nayyar etc., always argue that we and Pakistanis are the same people, I dispute it. I am not able to understand their psyche? Here was this person a half muslim, his mother was left by his father to marry someone else. So what we expect is that – such a person should have aversion and deep rooted grudge against the culture and customs of people who groomed his father. That is what we expect . Instead what we find, this man is a total rabid jihadi and wreaks his vengeance on India! Hats off to the culture producing such people! What else can we expect from a country who eulogize the likes of Muhammad Ghori ,Mahmud of Ghazni, savage Turks and Mongols . Headley was groomed in a culture which eulogizes tyrants who plundered their own land and killed their ancestors. First we have to understand the psyche of those across the border. Then all things will fall in place.

  5. Farzana's obsession with Karkare's jacket is like the muslim obsession of the "4000 jews missing from the WTC". Let's face it. Her real agenda is to minimize the deeds of the jihadis. So what if 10 pakis killed a bunch of indians in the city she claims is her home...what about karkare's jacket!!

  6. Manish:

    Hmm...do you think Ganguly would lose his shirt?!


    I can only commiserate with your deep-seated need to bring in the 'grooming' principle. I do hope you read the papers and have seen that Headley was groomed by the US agencies. Now, whose baby is he?

    When you have understood the psyche, do call the IB guys. They'd be delighted to get some leads.

  7. Arjun:

    I loved your reply. It makes me look really good. You have no response to #1,3,4 and are obsessed with my so-called obsession with Karkare's jacket. I suppose Kavita Karkare and Vinita Kamte (who has written a book exposing several loopholes) might like to hear from you.

    The jihadis must be squirming to imagine me "minimising their deeds" when they want to go for max impact :)

  8. Headley being or not being a creation of US agencies does in no way explain his deep rooted hate for India. It did not develop overnight. It was injected and brainwashed slowly into his system from where he was groomed. OK agreed he was an US agent. What do you expect from the US agency ? Give interviews to TV channels claiming - "we have an agent called Headley operating in Pakistan. He has infiltrated LeT. They are planning something big for you ? "
    No agency worth its salt would expose its operations. The maximum they did was to tip off , which I presume was done.
    Headley being groomed by US agencies atleast confirms the claims that there were various warnings conveyed through proper channel to Mumbai ATS of imminent attacks. What was Mumbai ATS doing? - busy trying to fix Hindu terrorists!, in the process leaving the front door open for jihadis to easily enter Mumbai.
    Regarding psyche it is the same I repeated in my earlier post - hatred giving rise to tendency of rejecting ones own heritage and eulogize the vanquishers and their acts of tyranny. I can elaborate on that.


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