Yesterday always comes

Back to tomorrow. Again. Yes, it is another day, logically speaking. But it isn’t. We cannot see tomorrow, yet we know the time of dawn, we know for how long the sun will shine and melt in the horizon giving way to a starlit night. We know what time we will have our meals, when we will work, when we will stop, sometimes even when we will make love…

We are hungry for surprises. Gift-wrapped thingies. Safe little items that we are already familiar with. Where is the surprise, then? Only because we were not told about the exact time, the precise place and the particulars about the gift?

Why do we get so afraid and disturbed if the surprise is another human being, another place, another thought process? Why do we want our tomorrow to be only as different as we would like it to be? Is tomorrow our chattel?

We enslave every minute of our day to our whims, our wants and even our fantasies. And then we tire of it, either because these are fulfilled or far from being fulfilled. We anticipate more of the same in the comfort zone of our limited motivations.

Tomorrow is the future, you will say.

Right. So tell me more. What do we know about the future? Is it a standardised, legitimately-approved and sanctioned goody that we must look forward to without the slightest sense of guilt or remorse?

For me the future is the next minute. The next minute is today. So the future is also today. Therefore, Today is another day.

A change in the calendar date and the time on your clock don’t take us forward. And even as we are propelled into a new dawn, we rarely think about it as new. The same old colours of the sky, the same old birds chirping awake, the same old milk at the door, the same old newspapers with regurgitated stories, the same old detergent washes and deodorised floors, the same old wires in sockets and wireless connections.

Tomorrow can be yesterday for all I care. Look closely and you will see that it in fact is.

If we want a real surprise, then listen to me: we need to shed our skin. Babies do, that’s why they can grow and watch the world with wide eyes.

Somewhere along the way you and I have stopped doing that. Some of us may go a bit to look down at valleys and scream from mountain tops. But every peak, once conquered, becomes a plateau.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to climb anywhere only to hear the echo of my own voice. I want to walk far and my feet will follow…one devotee is enough for me…

- - -

Here is wishing for more of the same. I just don't want to lose you! Seriously, let us hope that 2010 brings 20-20 vision, if not sight.


  1. FV,
    Please accept out best wishes for the new year..may 2010 bring happiness and peace.....
    Mash and family..:)

  2. FV,
    As a new year gift, i am suggesting a book called "Fooled by Randomness" by
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb...Happy Reading

  3. FV
    [I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to climb anywhere only to hear the echo of my own voice. I want to walk far and my feet will follow…one devotee is enough for me…]


    Yes, everyone wishes to climb where no one can reach to satisfy their agressive instincts to control the world.....even at the stake of other humans lives....

    Still there are few selfless ones who just wish to walk straight to guide their devotees in a right direction........


  4. Wish you great times ahead and many more interesting views that bring me here. If only you were kinder to expats :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Yesterday is today!!Best wishes to you and all readers.

  6. Farzana and all,
    New Year wishes to you and your loved ones.
    P.S. for Mash : You might also want to read Taleb's another excellent book "The Black Swan". Actually, published before the global financial meltdown, the book did articulate possible catastrophe due to Derivatives from a different perspective without getting into too much details about the esoteric Financial instruments.

  7. Mash, Ameya, KB, Mahesh, thanks and the bestest to you and yours...2010 is for reading books, but will someone read mine too? :)


    A great year to you too...and my devotee, btw, is my other foot!

  8. fv
    All we need is one devotee and who else could be the committed devotee than oneself?...

    All the best

  9. Mahesh,
    Thnks , i have ordered both the books...should be delivered in a day or 2...:)