Wayward thoughts - Concrete sky

A city in slumber; a dawn awake. I was amazed by how useless everything looks before nature, almost gross.

Then I snipped off a part of the picture to get rid of the grossness, to make it pure.

And what did I find? The sky devoid of character. The clouds appear to be touching the ground in what looks like a dust storm, or they could be the remains of a mangled aircraft still retaining some strength in its engine to careen towards its end.

There is nothing here to give it a background, a motivation. Nature is orphaned when it does not have us. It is antiseptic without the concrete to contrast with its beauty. There is nothing in the beyond except what we imbue it with.

And when the morning sharpens with laser-beam heat, I shall burn the sun.


  1. Beutiful photo and observation.

  2. FV, Nice Sunrise! Thanks.

    PS: Be careful about burning the sun. Real story this one :-P -- friend of a friend call Icarus (you may have heard of his business-tycoon brother Toysrus) tried to do that and is nowadays taunted with the nickname of "dip with extra hot wings".

  3. KB:



    Hah, I see you have contacts and "dip..." sounds yummy. I have no worries, for I plan to leave behind my wings and carry an asbestos sheet.

    You tell your friends to ask the sun to get very worried :)


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