Taslima Nasreen and the kanyadaan

I really don’t care what Taslima Nasreen writes or says, but I think there is something really rotten when some article by her, that has no great insight to offer, results in violence and even death.

I can already hear the protests about freedom of speech, narrow Muslim mindset, the burqa as enslavement. All true to a degree, but do not apply to Ms. Nasreen.

Interestingly, the newspapers mention the burning and the shooting, but do not tell us what exactly she wrote. One has to go run a search. She gives the sorry state and misery of women in purdah and mentions one hadis. She says, what some of us have said often enough, that men should also be asked to cover up before they force the women. Force being the important term.

I can lay a bet that even if Allah told the Prophet that men need to be covered (which is her beef), the male interpreters would not allow it.

Why is it that Ms. Nasreen does not comment on the number of Muslim women achievers or even those leading full lives who do not wear the veil? Why is it so important to concentrate only on one aspect? If she bothers to take a look around and sees beyond her nose she will find many such Muslim women, and I am talking about those who practise the faith.

The terrible incident happened 200 kms from Bangalore city. Imagine curfew in Shimoga and prohibitory orders in Hassan for this tripe. One person died in police firing. Why? I have friends there and they tell me that Karnataka is extremely parochial.

Let us not forget the Ram Sene was born there and is based there. Does Ms. Nasreen have an opinion about how they operate? Which Hindu scriptures talk against Valentine’s Day?

Does she have anything to say about Kolkata’s colleges that asked women to wear sarees and not the salwaar kameez? Does she have anything to say about women from certain upscale families who cover their heads and the men don’t? Does she have anything to say about young girls who are initiated into body-baring professions, often forced into them in this consumerist society? Does she have anything to say about burqa-clad women who have raised a voice against several patriarchal notions and the veil has not been a disadvantage to them?

And this is for those Muslims who went on a rampage. (Do these guys even look like Islamists or upholders of Islam?) Don’t you have any faith in your religion to let one voice seem like a threat to it? What are you worried about? It is fear that makes you behave in this kneejerk manner. If you believe that Allah’s decision is supreme and Allah is everywhere, then probably Allah made her write that article so that she gets a bit of visibility and shows up her shallowness.

I wish the believers behaved like believers and not goons. It is because they sometimes do that there is every likelihood of someone else taking advantage of the situation. All those who are injured and the two who died chose the wrong altar to be martyred at.

- - -

Does this woman have an opinion about the kanyadaan where the father gives away his daughter?

If she is railing against how we must not accept the crap being dished out as religion or culture, then perhaps she’d like to comment on this report:

The Samagara Muslim Samaj (SMS) decided to hold a mass marriage ceremony for 34 couples with Hindus giving blessings akin to a ‘kanyadaan’ for brides. But the wedding was minus biryani. As a mark of respect to the 200 Hindu guests at the wedding, the Muslims decided that the menu would be vegetarian. Collectively, the guests gave Rs 1 lakh cash and other gifts in kind.

This was on Eid-e-Milad, which also happened to be the anniversary of Godhra. It might be seen as a secular exercise, but there is no concept of bidaai and kanyadaan in Islam. It is another matter she goes from one male stronghold into another, as do women across the board. But, in technical terms, there is no giving away, just as her qubool (consent) is absolutely essential. Of course, as Hindi films have shown, someone pushes her head and an ‘ouch’ is seen as a yes.

I’d love to read an article by Taslima Nasreen about this custom where the parent (the father) does daan (gift, but more literally donation) of his kanya (daughter). I recall being upset when director Aparna Sen, an independent thinking woman, performed the kanyadaan for her daughter. She thought it was a great step for a woman to take over the man’s role in a religious ceremony, forgetting that the very idea of this gifting away is a bit regressive.

The Sens and Nasreens will mollycoddle each other. And the silent majority, and that includes the not-so-silent me, will neither wear a burqa or believe in kanyadaan.

The good thing is that despite it, no one starts burning vehicles when we say anything or dies because of us. And we do not quote any holy book to confirm or deny our position. We say it because we can stand alone.

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Taslima and her technicolor boat
shows that the lady is an old hand at some things.


  1. Once again, Farzana takes up the cause of islamofascists.

    Why is it so important to concentrate only on one aspect?

    Yeah..tell that to these particular islamofascists...

    And you're using the kanyadaan story to highlight secularism when it suits your narrative. Without the Taslima Nasreen story, you'd be calling it a meaningless act.

  2. "Of course, as Hindi films have shown, someone pushes her had and an ‘ouch’ is seen as a yes."

    FV, noticed minor typo -- that should be "pushes her hard" I think.

  3. This seems to be a case of some groups using Ms. Nasreen's name to create violence -- She has denied ever having written any article for any Kannada newspaper.


    Looks like some criminals who have now blossomed into politicians are creating mayhem for political benefit.

  4. FV
    Taslima is a genius who believes in individuality and quality vs quantity, she takes on her own tribe and stands firmly against all tides which are there to blow her away.

    Islam revolves around inherent conservatism which mainly violates basic women rights and they are treated as half humans where they're oppressed right from the birth NOT to manage and NOT to maintain their individualism.
    And as a result, we don't see many women who might be bright but given the patriarchal circumstances, they are considered retarded and hence are treated as trainable retards who get training focused on their training to prepare them to be faithful and subservient wives. No matter where Islam is, it always treats women as half humans who are not the constructive part of the Islamic society, except that they give birth to the male babies to generate Male Muslim humans...

    Now, under such unfavorable and harsh Islamic circumstances, 99% of the female Muslim half humans can't be achievers. Yes, they are trained to be parasites, but, never the achievers.

    Taslima Nasreen keeps her track right with out any confusion, she proved that if Islamic women wish to be achievers, then they must come out of the shadow of Islam like she did and did prove herself.

    She gained my respect more for her crispy and concise stands. No doubt she is a high achiever.
    She thinks out of the Islamic box and that's what other Islamic women should do if they need to thrive their individualism , otherwise, their role is recessed and is limited to clean their Muslim men(complete humans)'s shoes...

    Except for very few names, I have not seen any Muslim achievers, so how can Taslima points out some achievers, if, Islam debars it's women to be achievers?


  5. Arjun:

    You must have really had to bend backwards to come up with the ‘cause of islamofascists’. Where in this post did you find it?

    ”Why is it so important to concentrate only on one aspect?”
    Yeah..tell that to these particular islamofascists...

    And you did not include what preceded it:

    “Why is it that Ms. Nasreen does not comment on the number of Muslim women achievers or even those leading full lives who do not wear the veil?”

    And you're using the kanyadaan story to highlight secularism when it suits your narrative. Without the Taslima Nasreen story, you'd be calling it a meaningless act.

    Secularism? I do not like the concept and do not consider it a meaningless act, but regressive and have stated so and will do so, Taslima or no Taslima. In fact, people like you would call it anti-secular.


    Oh, she has denied writing for the specific publication, but these are her views expressed even earlier. However, given the denial I wonder what those who are holding the flag for her will have to say.

    Of course criminals rule the roost and take advantage. I called those guys goons, the ones who claim to uphold Islam.

    Thanks for pointing out the typo (corrected it)…it is head, although it might be a hard push, but being a Bollywood film it has to be gentle and produce a sigh!


    We won't argue about the definition of genius because even her most ardent supporters would think many times before doing so.

    There are several people who take on their own tribe in different areas. Religion is not the only one; the fact that she sticks to it shows just how limited is her ability to take on anyone outside of it.

    Islam is indeed patriarchal as are all religions. Perhaps you'd like to read up on some other scriptures to know. However, Muslims are not a monolith and if you think all Muslim societies are the same then you are wrong.

    The rejoicing over male birth is not restricted to Muslims and how many people even in Western societies express individualism? They behave like a herd with few exceptions. That applies to any society. And for women as well as men.

    Now, under such unfavorable and harsh Islamic circumstances, 99% of the female Muslim half humans can't be achievers. Yes, they are trained to be parasites, but, never the achievers.

    How have you arrived at the 99 % figure? What is your definition of an achiever? If Taslima questions religion there have been worthier writers who have done so. She seeks out controversies. Btw, as I mentioned earlier, she now says all those words were not hers so your support is based on something else.

    Oh, she is a media parasite. And if you are a Muslim do you consider yourself one? If yes, then why? If not, then are you an achiever and why do you think so.

    You might like to take a look at many women achievers. Where was she all these years? Has she done any real work among disadvantaged people? Taslima has never spoken up for any women’s issues, FYI. If she is so out of the box why does she keep her mouth shut when other issues that I mentioned are concerned? Take away that and she is not upto much. Read her books and you will know that no one would notice her work outside the ‘Islamic box’.

    She can jolly well point out Muslim women achievers because she has used Islam well enough to become an achiever by just using that ticket to fame.

    You might like to read your own words on the subject written on the article linked with this one…your comment was:

    circle said...

    Taslima is an idiot with screwed up mind...

    This stupid is playing as victim of religion just to get fame and recognition from West.........

    And to tell you the truth , may be those westerners would give her some token of dog bone to even their score with Muslims.....

    And she thinks we all believe her.....LOL

    8/11/07 8:36 AM

    Clearly, you do now.

  6. FV
    LOL, I knew you will come up with this response. Yes, I do admit that I wrote those comments in your blog in 2007 about Ms.Taslima Nasim which made perfect sense then and I was right in expressing my views then.

    But that was then(2007) and this is now(2010). I was in the box then, I am out of the box now.

    I am not like all other herds who don't give themselves a fair and open chance to grow up and to get evolved to walk through this path of revolution of Old Islamic women status in to a reformed one. Which Muslim female half humans need badly. Reforms, reforms, refoms.

    When I heard about Ms.Taslima Nasim in 2007, I was going through some evolution but I still was confused about certain Muslim half humans(women) issues and was ready to give some edge to old version of Islam which gives Women nothing, but, a half human status. And trust me I was neither just being blinded by any western media or by Ms.Taslima Nasim. then(2007) nor I am blinded by' em now.

    When I expressed those views, I was still very much biased and inclined towards the same old fake dogmas of women status in Islam which is considered better than other faiths or societies. And I was not ready to walk the walk of evolution for my personal growth. Then I myself went through many mind growth phases via my own experiences, observations and views.

    I reviewed Ms.Taslima Nasim with my evolved self and to my surprise this time, she appeared to me a genius who took on the most difficult path of evolution against her own Islamic cult which did no good to women but to regressed them to half humans while faking out loud that Islam is the only religion which treats it's women right , which I consider is an absolute brainwash and hogwash seeing status of Muslim women in Middle eastern countries generally and in Saudi Arabia exclusively under the sharia and otherwise. Also their status in other so well known Islamic countries that occurred to is hogwash and as a matter of fact, it is shameful even in this modern civilization era.

    Yes, you can say that overall women status is still questionable? in other religions and other regions(non Muslim), but, they don't advertise themselves as the CHAMIPONS OF WOMEN RIGHTS as does Islam. And if other religions did some harms to women , that is the thing of the past and they have reformed themselves a lot, if, not completely.

    While In Islam women are still half humans and are still considered as some parasitic retards. That is pathetic that Muslim half humans still are unaware of their rights and accept their oppression and suppression as either norms or quite acceptable. That is sad to see those women being brainwashed for this hogwash.

    Now, if, any woman like Ms.Taslima Nasim among them rejects to be brainwashed and stands up against all these tides, they are ready to kill her....

    In my unbiased view Taslima is a genius progressive and true liberal who genuinely is fighting for the basic rights of these half humans to evolve them to the status of complete humans. This is hard way and difficult path, but, I am sure once majority of them joined in, they will be able to achieve whatever they wish for...and then we will see 99% Muslim women achievers.

    Taslima Nasim deserves all my applaud , even if she uses media for her fame. I know everyone uses media for their own issues, so if Taslima uses it for her own motives , she doesn't commit any crime. I am viewing her as someone who is doing something which majority of Muslim women were and are still unable to do

    Taslima Nasim is helping Muslim women folks who are poor and unprivileged in majority of Islamic societies. Taslima is helping them for their awareness for their basic rights of freedom and for the improvements of their half human status .
    We need more Taslima Nasims to overcome Half human regressed status.

  7. Ms FV
    Why Ms Nasreen has to comment on muslim woman without veil doing well? Is it not those who are oppressed need to be exposed? You may argue that woman wearing veil are doing of their own choice but it is creating security problems, prblems when conversing face to face whether teaching or interviewing. There is another issue recently raised ;because of the veil so many woman in Afghanistan and may also in other muslim countries, are prone to deficiency of vitamin D which recently has beed identified as one of the most important ingedient for health.

  8. Aparna Sen did the right thing because she brought up her daughter.In kolkatta Taslima is considered a gossip and in her book she has gossipped about Bangla female leaders Hasina and Khalida.There is more opposition here from Hindu poets and writers regarding pornographic writing.No one wants her here

  9. Circle:

    Your evolution is personal and therefore your change of stance is applicable and relevant to you regarding Taslima or anyone or anything else. I do not think we, and I say WE, have any business to call a section of people anywhere half humans. These are your biases, as Taslima has hers and I have mine.

    Why Ms Nasreen has to comment on muslim woman without veil doing well? Is it not those who are oppressed need to be exposed?

    The issue is beyond the veil. I have written against it, too, as have many other women and men. What has she done for these oppressed women? If it is only talk, then they do not read her and no one is going to save them based on her words. I hope you have read that she has stated that she did not write that article.

    And if being a media parasite is okay, then let's applaud Paris Hilton for living out of the box.

    You might like to read about M.F.Husain who went into exile due to religious persecution from other sources. I hope that is also a part of your evolution, to see his incarceration.

    For the rest, let me assure you that those of us who do not agree with Taslima on our own terms do not belong to the herd she belongs to. And sure, she does.

    This is all form me to you and you to me on this subject. I am glad for your personal discovery; some of us did so a while ago.


    I would have agreed with you regarding Aparna Sen in principle, but I am not for this kanyadaan thing at all.

    Oh yes, Kolkatans don't think much of her because they have been at the receiving end and not because of religion!

    For a great female hope, she manages to diss women a lot. I am also amused that those who rubbish women for having affairs, she manages to get away with a lifestyle that is quite...whatever. Good for her if she manages pornography. That is the least she can do.

  10. KB:

    The 'her' from the second para onwards refers to Taslima and not Aparna Sen.

  11. Wow! Muslims are so glad that we have so many people who feel that it is their moral duty to fight for our liberation from the cruelty of our religion. Without them we'd be lost. Here's a personal thank you to all of them. Keep up the good fight.
    *wipes a tear*

  12. SM,
    Nice summary. Thanks.
    Especially the - *wipes a tear* - this truly brought me a nice grinny smile.


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