Wayward thoughts - Change

Change bedsheets. Pillow covers. Sleep. Dreams. Change colour of leaves. Fragrance of flowers. Taste of fruits. Uprooting of roots. Change mind. Swivel ideas. Chew thoughts. Chop emotions. Choppy. Change course. Tide. Ebb. Flow.

- - -

And then I changed the way this blog looked. I felt like white print scrawling over red. But this is also reaching out so I'd love feedback if you have any. The last time I had changed it was wonderful how I could prune and make myself scarce!

- - -

My net connection has been playing truant. A little shower can change so much.


  1. Farzana, From what I read, it was not a "little shower" in Mumbai given that a lot of people were killed in the resulting flood waters...or is that just another sorry tale about Indian infrastructure.

    PS:Like this new look, nice, shocking red.

  2. Al:

    Indeed. And, as always, sadly so. I guess I was on my own trip while writing and being indoors it seems less furious.

    Am glad you like the new look. A couple of people had told me in my early avtaar that it did not go with my personality!

  3. The new color scheme is pleasant though I miss the picture of the tree that looked like a woman.

  4. There was a film called "V" from a few years back, Farzana. Female protagonist, fairly convoluted plot, Guy Fawkes masks, Orwellian sort of big brother government, etc. Evidently, the idea was to get *her* to throw the switch that would usher-in freedom from tyranny. Arguably, this was a play on a sort of Wagnerian theme whereby the "woman" -- an everywoman, perhaps -- is brought before some behind-the-scenes ruling body (male) to be tested. At each stage of the film's plot, she is sort of unknowingly "moved," or perhaps "pushed" to the climax (obliteration of the UK's Parliament) via her emotions. Everyone unmasks at the end, revealing folks known and unknown (to include those whose apparent "deaths" served to propel her on this emotional roller-coaster ride that culminated with her initiating the switch that sent a train laden with explosives through the underground to explode beneath Parliament).

    Presumably everyone lives happily ever after (her too, I guess, after having discovered those with whom she'd formed emotional attachments and whom she'd witnessed meeting some grisly fate were, in fact, among the living). Perhaps her palpable relief and the happy outcome for all were enough to off-set any ill-will she might have felt about the way she was used.


    Personally, while the film presented an interesting study (not least with respect to the idea that the ends justify the means aka expedience) -- in this sense I "liked" it -- the methodology itself is simply not my cup of tea. The dregs are a bit bitter.

    On Cross Connections, however, it goes without saying that it's your palette. I like all colors to varying degree. :)

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  7. This new page looks stunning! But for those of us who relate you with your earlier avatar (the blue and white one), it will take some time to adapt to this new one:)

  8. Thanks for the thumbs up, but what have masks got to do with the new look?!

    Will give a fitting reply to Mstaab and Al later.


    I know...that tree is missing. I had to wrench myself away. If you have come in late here, the image in that slot will keep changing, depending on my frame of mind or certain happenings around. I had 'Guernica' during the Mumbai attacks.

    You never know when the tree will reappear. The current one is a stopgap, but it fits into 'me' right now. Thanks for the feedback.


    My earliest avataar was green and white and you can well imagine the images that must have flashed across certain minds :)

    The content will remain the same, just think of my sky as red. Glad you found the new look good.

  9. FV, Err.. good point about irrelevant post. Deleted mine.

  10. Mstaab:

    All right, the ‘theme’ of the comment is ‘liking’, not masks, though liking or not liking can be a mask for other emotions.

    I have not seen the film, but it sounds fascinating, almost utopian. Let me nudge you towards my rather innocent concept of ‘change’ here into the idea of the film. The female protagonist is ‘moved’ and ‘pushed’ and there are ‘deaths’…the whole idea of rejuvenation rests on these. Is it ‘everywoman’ or is it every woman?

    Does everyone live happily ever after because the masks fall? Is it reclaiming of our honest selves? Is honesty not possible with masks that are derivative of certain circumstantial necessities? The ends justify themselves in many ways for they too are fallible.

    Have not watched the movie therefore cannot comment on the methodology in detail. Just shooting the breeze

    On Cross Connections, however, it goes without saying that it's your palette. I like all colors to varying degree. :)

    There is the palette and there is the perception of the palette…I could be wearing tinted glasses at given time, so the colour you see is different from the one I see and the colour that exists may be entirely another one. Masks, anyone?!


    I was joking, but you have to take it personally. Obviously, I did not imply that the comment was redundant…it was a question. And I like seeking answers…

  11. Shocking but nice.I have one question that color reveals mind so what's in your mind??

  12. FV
    Changing colors remind me of chameleon , are you impressed by chameleon?

    I don't care, if you change any color or even if your blog is colorless, I only see real you with no artificial colors....it is you and your unique color which makes you Farzana Versey who doesn't need any red, blue , green etc, etc colors....Her genuine color is permanently colorfast.


  13. KB:

    Re stands for passion, danger, shock value, seductiveness, life-giving blood...I thought I was all of these even when I was blue :)


    Now, this is really sweet and I feel so good. I have no problems with real chamelions - they change colour as self-defence. I am not the offensive more often.

    One does not change at the core...this is like wearing new clothes, trying out a different cuisine, visiting another country. It reveals a part of you and it enhances you. How much you wish to change because of it depends on you. And I think I am happy being myself, for whatever it is worth.

    "Colorfast" indeed...muaah!


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