Christina of a 1000 men

I am not too sure whether chalking up a figure of sleeping with 1000 men can make a woman confident. That seems to have been the goal of a British woman, Christina Saunders, who was inspired by the character of Samantha in Sex and the City.

"Sam went from one man to the next and was proud of it. I wanted to be confident like her. I got hooked on the buzz of one-night-stands."

We are talking about three aspects here – pride, confidence and dependency. Being hooked is being dependent; her pride probably was momentary for there must have been the challenge of getting on to the next man. I don’t see any real confidence here. If anything, the men might have felt confident enough to bed a woman who was making her availability her USP.

Mind you, this is no moralistic judgment. The idea struck her when she suffered from a bout of flu while she was at Bristol University:

"The thought of four women gloating about sleeping their way around New York hadn't appealed to me but I had nothing better to do so I watched it.”

I disagree with her confidence theory for another reason. She says Sam “had a male attitude of sleeping around and it fascinated me".

Reports state that she slept with at least one stranger a week, travelled the world hunting for men to bed, and took part in threesomes. In ten years she has finally met her target of 1000.

What happens now? Head held high with the thought of conquest or of meeting a deadline? Turns out it is quite different. She has regrets:

"Good friends stuck by me but others accused me of being a slut. I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven't put men off."

Was she playing Samantha or was she mimicking men or was she just bringing out repressed insecurities? While men do act like predators and hunt for prey, it is not the norm in as callous a fashion as it is made out to be. The hunting is a process of selection and has an evolutionary basis. However, in contemporary times a woman has choices before her. I would assume confidence would arise from making a right choice, or at least a choice that seems right at a given time. In this case, sleeping around was not a choice of this nature. It was a point to prove.

I also find it objectionable that she uses the term slut as a derogatory one when she did pretty much similar things, except that sluts do not have to really hunt if they are recognised as such, they make a living out of sex and there is no challenge.

Had Saunders stopped at the challenge bit, she might have appeared more honest in her come-uppance rather than the copout she now seems to be.

PS: Ladies, don’t blame the flu next time you strike!

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