Would you wear a Harry Popper to bed?

A cartoon-like condom with round-rimmed Harry Potter-style glasses waving a magic wand appears on the packaging of contraceptives. Warner Brothers, who produced the Harry Potter film series based on the books by J.K. Rowling, is taking legal action against the manufacturers of the condom, Magic X.

The lawyer said:

“The image of my client is in danger. This is clearly a reference to the film and fictional character Harry Potter. Everyone who sees the condoms automatically thinks of Harry Potter.”

Copyright infringement aside, may I ask how the image of Warner Brothers and the Harry Potter brand is in danger? This just gives a new meaning to the magic wand. They already have merchandise worth £15 billion. There could be a tie-up with the Swiss contraceptive company and the Potter series can be re-sold in a new avatar for a slightly older audience. Imagine the potential of Harry Potter and the Secret Chambers or Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Just think about the potential.

Of course, the manufacturers are denying any connection. The name is a give-away, but I don’t agree with the Warner lawyer that everyone who sees the condom will automatically think of Harry Potter. I doubt a man with lust on his mind is giving much thought to the name of the brand. Don’t forget we are talking about the Swiss who are even picky about their cows, so there might be more emphasis on what it delivers. They’d perhaps put more emphasis on the time factor and the texture. Both are subliminal indicators based on their selling points – watches and chocolates. They’d not buy a watch with a HP dial or a chocolate with Harry mug on it. Therefore, they won’t really find the character an exciting addition to have in bed.

The makers got it all wrong. The cover looks rather comical and, unless some Swiss males believe that this will imbue them with the much-desired sense of humour that every woman seems to crave for in the ideal guy, they’d not be amused. Or, if they wish to appear nerdy, but then they’d have to keep track of the packet’s position rather than their own.

This brings us to the women who are more finicky about such details. If they knew the name, they’d send the man out with it to buy a tub of popcorn.

Unless Magic X wanted to go all Hollywood real bad, it ought to just stick to its own USP. Omega said with a Swiss accent does sound so much like “Oh my gaad…”


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