Wayward thoughts - Hot Ice

Freezing in fake cold. Icecream solidifies on tongue. Pomegranate swirl. Tangy. Dry even when whipped into creamy layers. The mouth breathes icy fumes. Fingertips feel old as they touch lips ripened by berries.

I drink coffee. Latte. Everything melts. The froth clings to the cup rim and a stray drop liquefies and falls on the paper. Today morning's news late at night. Someone&'s death must have been buried. Someone's life must have grown up. The news is not news although coffee does awaken it.

I am numb to it. No response. A call comes through. Testing. Testing. Testing. Me. Let us see...

There's nothing to see. The frozen has melted. The sculpture is clay again. The mould is broken.

Make me all over again.


  1. We have seen some discomfort with the colour scheme and 'readability' of this blog. I am surprised (pleasantly so) to get emails suggesting I do something about it. I am truly touched by such active participation. It took me some time to choose and prune it and I know that older posts still have the blue font which renders it almost invisible. Right now I am not feeling very creative but will try and do something. An occasional ego massage is all I ask for in return!

    Meanwhile, see red.

  2. This color is appealing. It's not exactly red - it has the texture and constancy of pomegranate molasses. It's rich and thick, it sticks, doesn't drip, run down or wash away. I do wonder about the background image which flashes momentarily before the blog content masks it.The side bar art, deserves a comment of it's own.

  3. Anon:

    You do know there are different shades of pomegranates, don't you? Do you know that some things that stick also melt? But, thank you for seeing red differently. What is visible until the blog becomes visible is perhaps a thought left unsaid...yes, the sidebar does deserve a separate comment although it's not Modigliani.


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