The media's flaws IS old hat

I am not one bit surprised by whatever happens in the media. CNN-IBN tried to play fair and accept the flawed role of the media in lobbying between corporate houses and politicans; it was a half-hearted attempt with an apologetic tone...oh, we are not a lynch mob, we are not targetting anyone.

There is too much written and there is more to write. But, as I said, I am not surprised. In 2003, I had outed the media while being a part of it...well, by being grudgingly given space...It is more about the print media but could apply to the electronic one as well.

I am afraid I have to put up this link again from my other blog because it has been said. Oh yes, I told you so...


  1. FV,
    Couple of things...
    First, I finally found your book @ Landmark in Bangalore a few weeks back and i must thank you ...in simple words , it was gripping and your flair to put indepth contexts was very evident. You have touched every topic possible , that is must for a journey to pakistan ..from Party scene...to "mystic" peers ..heera mandi and the feudal lord ...i relished every page and related to it so much....My best book purchase this year ...you must write movie scripts.
    Second, The NDTV empire and Mr sanghvi stand naked through the tapes ...i heard all of them and can tell you ...this country has no hope for my kids ..we are being prostituted by the powerful ...much worse than in the Raj days ...brits should rule us again ...we deserve only that ...
    Third ...thanks for talking about Delhi (although i live in bangalore now ) ...so looks like gul was ....like Razia phas gayi hai gundo mein ...delhi is as bad or as good as anywhere else ....
    and to conclude ...the "najoomi" was right ....tumhare andar toofaan hai ... :)

  2. Manish:

    Sharm karo! You read the book Now? I thought you had already done so and were among the few who stuck around here after surviving it :) Thank you for your words and I do believe you would have done a darned interesting review (after thodasa 'pegging'!). I'd write a film script, but it would run into several hours, na?

    - the media does indeed stand exposed, but how do the Brits come in? They left us with the Times of India, remember?!

    - Ah, Delhi...I think I was too kind, but it was to drive home a point. So, how is Bangalore? Haven't been there for very long...

    PS: Aajkal baahar ka toofan itna zyada hai ke andar jo hai woh eik balti paani ki tarah hai :)

    PPS: Seems that book won't leave me. I was interviewed last month and it was called a new book "making waves". Looks like storms won't leave me...


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