I'm Naught With Cupid

Everyone wants to fall in love. It is like something on call. An over-the-counter drug. A beauty product to improve your skin. (My god, look at that glow!) And it is based entirely on demand and supply.

So spaketh I, over 12 years ago. The reaction from those who don’t know me was “Bloody cynic” and from those who do or did at the time was, “Bloody liar”. Both are true, to an extent. The latter knew I blindly trusted those I cared about, that I collected soft toys and sent out cards all the time, that I could be mushy and watched romcoms and wept during those moments. But when I put aside my tears and blinkers, I could arch my eyebrows and ponder and probe.

The cutest comment I received was from a 19-year-old who occasionally sought my advice about girlfriend problems and also discussed time management. He knew me from a different position and his reaction was: “I could not figure out a word of this article but it sounded nice!”

Here is my version of love, an invited column to go ‘con’ as opposed to the ‘pro’, in the Sunday edition of the Times of India, September 20, 1998 (don't have a clue what the occasion was) on 'Do you believe in love?':

- - -

If you care to click on it, then you might be able to read it quite clearly. Scanner not available, so took a picture. Yes, could not even get this straightened out!

Feel the love, as Mata Someone or the SriSriSri Swami would say. I just hope your Monday today isn't blue. Unless you like it that way...