ADAMS Apple: The US Baits American Muslims

Bite into it, said Barack Obama’s national security advisor. The apple rolled towards the ADAMS (All Dulles Area Muslim Society). It carried the words: “Muslim Americans are not part of the problem, you're part of the solution.”

Now, the problem is not healthcare, unemployment, fiscal deficit, housing or even how to say “Yes, we can”. The problem is Islamic Radicalization. The administration is taking the threat seriously, because it is a problem. And the apple says that if you bite really hard into it you will find the solution. The problem (sorry, have to repeat the word) is that the ADAMS are effectively toothless. Their spongy gums bleed and there is a cry, “Look, blood.”

Unbelievable as it may seem, and even in a country as diverse as India that has so many religious problems, no one has stooped to this level. Not one political party, not one religious group. There are other forms of prejudice taken to their ‘logical’ conclusion, but has the West not ever indulged in it?

Yet, with the gall only the serpent can muster, Rep. Pete King will begin hearings on the subject of Islamic Radicalization. His reasoning is a hiss that he conveyed via CNN accusing al Qaeda (who else?) and saying that it is “attempting to recruit within the United States. People in this country are being self-radicalized . . . it's an international movement with elements here in the United States”.

They could not find weapons in Iraq, so they killed Saddam; they could not find the man in the cave, so they flattened out civilian areas of Afghanistan; they fear the jihad factory so they plant their forces in the Pashtun areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and occasionally drop a few drones. This is costing a lot of money, so there is the promise of troops being brought back home in the coming years from Afghanistan. Before that, they have to keep the fire burning. The recruitment phobia within the US is a perfect alibi.

Perhaps it is prudent to ask how the al Qaeda head-hunters manage to enter the US to get the boys. Assuming that a tiny segment is impressed by their philosophy and feels an allegiance, will the US administration be able to identify the specific cases? Is it not the responsibility of the police department to handle it as a crime rather than have ‘hearings’ on the issue? Who will appear before them? The recruits to tell just how they got lured? The ‘witnesses’ who will have to be all members of the community by default because they are “part of the solution”?

Why is the national security advisor involved? Denis McDonough said, “Preventing radicalization that leads to violence here in America is part of our larger strategy to decisively defeat al Qaeda.”

Can he quote the instances of al Qaeda-related violence in America? They could not do a thing when it suffered tangibly in 2001 to defeat the al Qaeda and it continues to use it in the guise of a larger strategy. More Americans die in car accidents and due to drug overdose and the soldiers who are sent off to protect the US from afar than they do within the shores of the country by the al Qaeda violence.

Mr. McDonough adds extra polish to the bait when he states, “Al Qaida and its adherents are constantly trying to exploit any vulnerability in our open society. Of course, the most effective voices against al Qaida's warped worldview and interpretation of Islam are other Muslims.”

Right. So politically-correct and yet so conniving. If it is truly an open society then it would secure itself and let its citizens breathe. Islam or any other religion does not need politicians to declare how good or bad it is. If al Qaida’s is a warped worldview, then it is a terrorist worldview. The US makes sure such organisations are on the banned and most wanted lists. Their religiosity is made to dangle from every rooftop and soapbox. Not so the civilised world where religion is used rather sneakily by the authorities. They even prevent stem cell transplants using the Christian worldview. But catch anyone holding them responsible for regressive thinking.

By naming ‘other’ Muslims as the most effective voices, the US establishment has overtly made a distinction, but look closely. The kebab-seller, the cabbie, the software consultant, the professor, the businessperson, the doctor, the engineer who may be too busy trying to keep their homes running, not unlike other Americans, are suddenly given a voice. They have to speak. To speak out. Not doing so would mean they are complicit in this Islamic Radicalization.

Bite, they are told. They lose anyway. It’s a poisoned Big Apple.

(c) Farzana Versey

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