Wayward thoughts: Death in green

Woke up to green tea. And green grass. On which three bodies had fallen. The newspaper’s image was without them. Bodiless grass. Malad, Mumbai. A 31-year-old threw her son down from the 19th floor. Then her daughter. They were seven and three years old. She flung herself after that. Dead on arrival at the hospital. A school satchel, a tiffin box with freshly-made sandwiches. A milk bottle half full. Half empty. A water bottle. A suicide note. Why? Is it? Other motives. What? How?

Fall from here, things left behind
She was a chartered accountant and teacher. A wife. Made her last call to her mother. Had breakfast. Packed the school bag, the tiffin. Took the lift upstairs. Witnessed by the liftman. How long did it take? It was all over within minutes. People are discussing depression. Some are saying she was full of life.

So many thoughts. When you see objects that were used by people minutes ago lying in repose without their owners who are now dead you begin to wonder about the longevity of things. Green tea. Green grass. Death in green.

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Image: Mumbai Mirror


  1. FV,
    First , Thanks for resumption of comment feature ...My mid afternoon intellactual newspaper had become too much of a monologue .
    Second, I was shocked when i saw this on TV last night. The general assumption is that education enhances your reasoning skills and experience lets you apply them. I am at loss to know what went through a mother's mind to kill two of her children before killing herself . Society iy has to realise that the institution called family is dead corpse under the weight of a fallacy called society. when will we embrace individual and their solitude as a building block of the world.
    I usually find social work very uninspiring but helping people at such junctures through a helpline or counselling is surely where i would put my buck.
    i also want to question the so called "religious" people as to why their ever powerful gods were unable to avoid this ...

  2. Manish:

    Thanks for joining in. Yes, we need a dialogue.

    There are helplines, but isn't it sad that those who ought to care don't?

    Education does not guarantee reasoning power nor does it make us more humane.

    The religious people will say this is destiny.


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