Wayward thoughts: Bought

Profound quote stares at me. Shoo. And then I read it’s official. Shopping makes you happy. I want to be happy. Can one buy love? Profound quote stares at me. I’ll buy that as well.


  1. Money is a means of exchange, and like all means of exchange it is dependent on what is being exchanged. I guess shopping is essentially a way of rewarding yourself, and you being happy by virtue of having earned that reward. If you feel that you deserved it, then yes, shopping does make you happy. Should you feel you don't, no amount of shopping will make you happy but only the other way round

  2. The flip side is that not being able to buy (as opposed to going shopping) would amount to punishment by default?

    Happiness is a state of mind; shopping is a tangible reality. The real can affect the mental state only to an extent.


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