Cameron's Coffee

Cut him some slack
He's got the knack
To make a public display
Of his conscience at play
The waitress at Tuscan
Did not recognise the PM of Britain
Serve yourself, she did pip
He left no tip
But as to the manor born
He felt the need to atone
A week aft on the Italian holiday
He returned to the very same cafe
Fransesca was delighted
She felt like she was being knighted
He asked her not to worry
She thought he was luvvrly
The coffee again warmed h'm
Far from burning Tottenham
While Berlo's doing the bunga din
David won't give in to such sin
Don't grudge him a little vacation
He is only marketing the good ole nation
He'll be back home soon
To set right those goons
Nibbling on the in-flight chicken liver pate
He's sure it's never too latte



  1. FV
    London Riots are not fun to watch for British PM, so he should better off of London.

    Finally London's chickens are coming home to roost. All those centuries London has had been planning to create riots in other third world countries and to colonize'em, now time has come for London to tase it's own medicine.


  2. Circle:

    Wish the people who are suffering were not the innocent ones...but, yes, there is much to discuss otherwise.


    Hmm...so did you like it or no? It is possible to like other styles!

    Okay, I know, and since you did the 'boni' (first transaction) today, I shall share another one with much sadistic delight:


  3. Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo!!!

    Yo got me!

    I like your "Nightmares" - reminds me of a lot of people I know!

    Take a look at this: http://tinyurl.com/3ucdm4pTE

    Disclaimer given.


  4. Oh, 'Nightmares" is about the people within us! Now what shall we do?

    I took a look at the URL. It is a bad one. Shows nothing.

    Was that the disclaimer for?


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