Flea-infested dog
Own the place
You piss on

~ ~

A strand of hair
Caught in eyes
Fakes lashes

~ ~

Sliver of saliva
Shines at mouth edge
Leaving throat parched

~ ~

Calloused palms
Hide destiny lines
Fate escapes responsibility

~ ~

A falling star
Does not fall
Wishes remain airborne

~ ~

Passing shadow
Tears into me
I think I am light

~ ~

Freezing water
A wasted effort
Ice melts

~ ~

Spot of blood
In syringe
Reveals body secrets

~ ~

Words follow words
A fullstop sentences
The chase

~ ~

Barren deserts
Feel threatened
Mirage is buried in the sand



  1. Hi FV!
    So Pakistanis are judging Gujarat riots these days. That Pakistanis because of whom innocents are getting killed. kashmir in trouble. Do we Indians need lectures from pakistani? We are secular country and they Islamic.

    We have enough Modi bashers no need to import more.

  2. Nice Haikus, Most of them sound sad though. Is it possible to have neutral ones neither sad nor happy.

  3. Sai:

    Thank you. These are not planned as haikus, in that I do not use the syllabic technique. They are more like Urdu couplets (well, triplets since these are three lines).

    These may be seen as 'sad', but for a falling start or the spot of blood, this might be quite a happy achievement!

    I cannot be neutral, even if I strike a balance between extreme emotions, it will be how I feel. Feelings are not neutral.


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