If birds were to crash into clouds
Would their feathers
Get wet?

~ ~

A sparrow drinks off a puddle
Its thirst does not know
The meaning of dirt

~ ~

No tree remembers
Woodpeckers that knock
On its doors

~ ~

They should have remain caged
I let out the two love birds
Who flew away in different directions

~ ~

Crows line up on cable wires
They resemble black flags
In mourning

~ ~

Parrots green like raw lemons
Vampire beaks peck
At fruit neck

~ ~

The kingfisher flies over water
Swoops down on a fish
Baits watch with envy

~ ~

The dove does not know of war
It laughs when released in the sky
To herald peace

~ ~

The cuckoo calls loud
Lightening before rains
Wounds before pain

~ ~

A kite visits my window.
Looks me in eye
Turns its back and shuts the door on me



  1. FV,

    Simply excellent. Hats off!

    I am taking the liberty of using one of these as my fb status. With due credit, of course.

  2. FV,

  3. Ghazal:


    Thank you...wordlessly


    Ah, that's nice. I am quoted. Such an M&M moment :-)

  4. A smiley form FV!! Wow, I seem to be really making progress!

    Must look for a sekulaar-halal coffee shop. Just in case....!


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