Chen and Barack’s Coups

The scene was much like in one of her films. Mira Nair was delirious, swaying with happiness, talking to the Indian anchor who had travelled to New York for the elections. “Change!” was the chant then. Mira’s grand moment was a bit farcical, for she could not vote. Yet…it was The Moment.

There is another one. Again, for electoral gain. Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng boarded a United Airlines flight to Newark from Beijing. He and his family did not know where they were going. Why is this important? Did Chen not suffer in China, was he not under house arrest, and did he not fear for his life, especially being visually-impaired? Did he not escape and go to the US embassy? Yes, yes, he did.

But, if you read the NYT report, he was not seeking exile, as this would silence his voice.

With the help of Chinese activists, he made his way to Beijing, and three days later, into the American diplomatic compound. During 30 hours of tense negotiations between American and Chinese officials, Mr. Chen rejected the idea of asylum and insisted that he wanted to stay in China — as long as he and his family could be shielded from further persecution. Exile, he feared, might silence his voice as an advocate for legal reform in China.

Now, he stands no chance. His fate was decided at the official level. It is also important to note that it was a Christian advocacy group in Texas that championed his case. The United States of America has to be in the right at all times.

China is the devil. It cannot be arm-twisted. What the US has done is what China wanted done – get rid of Chen. There is no altruistic motive here. He will be set up as an example of magnanimity, of possible Sino-US covert association where there is no friction.

In a statement sent to Reuters news agency, the foreign ministry said: "Chen Guangcheng is a Chinese citizen. China's relevant departments have handled the procedures for exiting the country in accordance with the law."

Chen will be at university. In the free world, he will be under observation. The world will applaud, while Chinese workers will continue to work under pathetic conditions for low wages to produce American products. The China Towns are no more those places selling herbal remedies and cheap fake gizmos; most of the US technology can be ripped open to reveal the work of several Chens who have no choice.

It is the Chen versus the Chens factor. It could be of any nationality.

The Moment will be here in a few months again. Times flies. Barack Obama was a worthy successor to George Bush; he even swatted a fly in the studio. This sort of thing appeals to people, and more so to Indians who are so accustomed to flies.

So, it isn’t at all surprising that 85% of Indian-Americans want him for another term. Of course, other expats or their children are traditionally Democrats in their American politics, while being quite different at home. However, with Obama that ought not to be the case.

His campaign advertisements expose him:

"What about Mitt Romney? As a corporate CEO, he shipped American jobs to places like Mexico and China. As governor, he outsourced state jobs to a call center in India. He's still pushing tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.”

Employment is an issue, and Obama has earlier talked about how the US should rely on its own doctors rather than those from India.

So why are Indian-Americans supporting him? They would, even if Romney was not the candidate against him. They are under the perpetual influence of America as the melting pot, the dreamland they all want a green card from, the Superman who can be both muscular and nerd. And Democrats like Obama play this game really well.

While a Romney can be derided for his wealth, Obama who had often shied from revealing too much about his background now jokes about it. It helps, for it appears as self-effacing while making sure nobody gives it too much importance.

He sneaked into Afghanistan during Osama bin Laden’s death anniversary and addressed his country from a hideout. This was really trying to make the most of something that was dead. Chances of some photographs appearing closer to the date of election cannot be ruled out by the man who does not want to expose his people to gruesome images. That will be another coup.

Unfortunately, the magician is not the magic.


  1. LoL
    Obama sneaked in to Afghanistsn to cash in Osama, the dead and haunted and then addressing his people from a hideout. I kept on laughing for hours on all that.
    Then signing Afghanist/ American future plans sitting along Karzai'.
    Wow, this drama was awesome and looked real and not fake .
    Obama slapped his nation in quite a funnier way.

  2. Circle:

    When a living joke thinks countries are to be caricatured, then it ceases to be funny.

    1. FV
      History will never forgive living joke who has had been fooling fools .


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