Wayward Thoughts: Tough Bubbles

Before it could be touched with water. Before I could hold its egg-shaped whiteness. Before it could form a lather. Before it could glide down skin. Before it could spread its fragrance. It fell. Hard. On my toe.

Does not feel like a soap bar anymore.


  1. FV "It fell hard on my toe. Does not feel like a soap bar anymore"

    As a veteran of having dropped many wonderful and blessed/divine items on my toes, I may have spotted your problem. My recommended solution for this is to use sachets of liquid soap. (You are welcome).

    Of course, if you came down to Chennai, the problem will resolved automatically because of the lack of running water in most places. So what's the point of soap? you may ask, if you are perceptive and have a poor sense of smell.

    yes, tamilians are ahead of everyone even if it does not appear that way.

    Amateur Solutions Analyst and Problem Solver

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  3. Al, the acronym for your given title is so apt: ASAPS

    Thanks for the advice. I do occasionally use shower gel, but it isn't as gratifying as holding a soap bar. I've been spoilt watching too many ads...

    I recall that the water in Chennai is hard, and the soap would seem rather dry.

    PS: Are you in Chennai?



    I don't have soap loyalty. It just so happened to be Dove.

    Stop tracking my toes. Anyway, this is the other one, so now there is immense empathy and there is equal pain...not much...

  4. Hi FV,

    I was just being facetious and trying to make light of your suffering toe..apologies. Never pleasant to get fingers or toes in the way of gravity's pull.

    Yes, I usually stick to moving around Tamilnadu and Karnataka when in India, though the state of Chennai nowadays makes me stay away from there.


  5. Hi Al:

    I did not think of it as facetious at all.

    I asked about your location because I thought you contributes to my small international readership :)

    Haven't been to Chennai for long, and TN I know well. Too well...


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