India-Bharat: Open letter to the RSS chief

Namaskar Shri Mohan Bhagwatji:

I am a citizen of India. My passport, driving licence, ration card, PAN card, election card, all say so. In two languages.

My immediate reaction to your comment on Bharat being a better place than India was to get befuddled. That you too joined the raucous rape bandwagon to capitalise on such tragedies ought not to have surprised me.

Having said this, we are indeed missing out on a larger divide. Let me first quote you:

“Crimes against women happening in urban India are shameful. It is a dangerous trend. But such crimes won’t happen in Bharat or the rural areas of the country. You go to villages and forests of the country and there will be no such incidents of gang-rape or sex crimes. Where ‘Bharat’ becomes ‘India’ with the influence of western culture, these type of incidents happen. The actual Indian values and culture should be established at every stratum of society where women are treated as ‘mother’."

I don't even need to emphasise that you've got it wrong. People have said so, and there are statistics to prove it.

It is more important to see how you don't see the difference between Bharat and India where development, access to health, education and basic facilities are concerned.

There have been discussions in the past of a more realistic appraisal where India is the varnished face of the left-behind Bharat.

You are on a different trip, though, and not interested in such pragmatic concerns. In fact, you are dividing the country for your version of Utopia, where some simplistic values pass of as tradition.

Do not deride India for western culture. Not all urban Indians ape the West. If using technology is a criterion, then India has electricity; much of Bharat lives in the dark. And it is this darkness that you exploit. How many of your RSS shakhas operate in villages and forests? We don't hear about the RSS trying to understand what Naxalism is about. I specifically mention this because the urban-rural divide is blurred sometimes.

Will you be able to urge your friend, Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, to drop his westernised module of development? How many Dalits has the RSS taken into its fold? Pardon my saying so, but why do the RSS pracharaks not wear dhotis instead of those khaki shorts? What is the position of women in your organisation? Why are those 'mothers' you want in society invisible faces in the RSS?

You cannot lay claims over Bharat or India if you choose to live on past glory and destroy the nation to reclaim it. Culture is not heritage sites or mimicking mythology.

Perhaps if you travel by the local train in the cities sometime, you'll see that poor kids defecating on the railway tracks are no different from those in the villages sitting over dug-up mud holes.

Where is the western culture here? Why does India have to suffer for regressive ideas and Bharat be denied the benefits of growth.

Next time, think about this: when you try splitting the country for the filthy lucre of opportunism you'll see mirrors everywhere.

Your Shubh chintak,

Hindustan. Bharat. India.


  1. Bhagwat - and the entire RSS/Sangh Pariwar - are idiots that exist or have relevance only in the fringes of the Indian milieu. Why give them importance or waste one's breath on them?? Aisay bewakoofon ke munh nahi lagte..

  2. FV,

    Most of your questions are rhetorical and, not to mention, display your gross ignorance of RSS and its functioning.

    Notwithstanding, I entirely disagree with Mr Bhagwat's line of thought here. The sense of entitlement that is inculcated in the Indian (and Bhartiya!) male child is at the root of all the violence (sexual and otherwise) in Indian society. We need a revolution to get rid of this evil.

    I hope things will change in my lifetime.


    Btw did you read the comment by Mr Puri above? You should take the advice and steer clear of subjects you neither know nor care about. Thanks!

  3. Harish Puri:

    Munh nahin lagte. I took the moral high ground and stayed away from his specific opportunism, unlike the electronic and social media.

    Also, fringe elements manage to enter mainstream thought. It is a subtle process.

    I know you did not imply bewakoofon for its real meaning, kyonke woh tau shaatir hai.

    PS: I did not have to waste my breath. I merely exhaled!

  4. F&F:

    When you allude to somebody's ignorance, do have the courtesy to display your knowledge. I can ask whatever questions I wish to, esp since Shri Bhagwat displays ignorance about the country.

    You resort to your usual "I entirely disagree" after exposing how attached you are to the general pov. You haven't elucidated details, which shall remain a secret. The statements about the male child etc are part of a larger valid discourse and some of us here have talked about it. Unfortunately, those posts don't get enough attention.

    Just in case you did not notice, I steered clear of rape details or I'd have stooped down to his level.

    Btw did you read the comment by Mr Puri above? You should take the advice and steer clear of subjects you neither know nor care about. Thanks!

    1. Grow up. Using another shoulder to fire a gun when that shoulder is far from a gun-holder is quite pathetic.

    Besides, you lack comprehension skills. This is the comment:

    Bhagwat - and the entire RSS/Sangh Pariwar - are idiots that exist or have relevance only in the fringes of the Indian milieu. Why give them importance or waste one's breath on them?? Aisay bewakoofon ke munh nahi lagte..

    You don't even get this, or twist it to suit your vile intentions.

    2. I write about what I want to, not what others might want me to.

    3. I repeat. Tell me what you know before telling me what I don't.

    Thanks, but don't cross the line again without giving a reasoned argument. I am entitled to express myself the way I want to on my space.

  5. Note for Free and Footloose:

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  6. FV,

    It may not be possible. I have not saved the text. I am quite perplexed as to what this is about. In the pending comment, I had explained my views in the manner you desired. Secondly, I did not know that talking about other people's comments was disallowed (Or do you mean the reference to Mohan Bhagwat? Or to Narendra Modi? Or to the invaders?). My own comments have been subject of ridicule and even outright scorn in the past. Punches given, punches taken, score settled. No?

    In any case, the only option is that you copy-paste the text of my comment (edited or otherwise) and post it as a quote.

    Apart from scrapping the comment altogether, of course!

    P.S. Even if you do not allow my comment, do explain what the issue is. Perhaps some sekulaar protocol is unknown to me yet! :)

  7. F and F comment copy-pasted06/01/2013, 14:14

    (This is the comment by Free and Footloose. Following his humble request, I am copying it here. Except for the first para, NOTHING has been edited/deleted. Presenting it here in all its glory...Sd/-FV, blog owner, moderator, occasional typist to commentors)


    I will speak about what I have gathered through my interactions with RSS workers and sympathisers (I am neither).
    Bhagwat's idea of 'Bharat and India' and your comprehension thereof are quite apart. He is speaking (or at least thinking) about an imagined la-la-land of sages, kings, gods and chariot-borne heroes (all Hindu!), a land where (deer-skin wearing!) women had equal status and rights in matters of education, property, statecraft, inheritance and lineage. This was also a land of plenty, perhaps with rivers of milk and honey! In this speech he did not say it, but this land was apparently ravaged by Jihadi Muslim invaders.

    My opinion: It is highly doubtful whether such an India ever existed. (But whatever existed with a Hindu - or non-Muslim - identity, was ravaged for sure!)


    Even in this India, abduction (if not rape) of women was an accepted practice. Ravana 'stole' Sita, Bhishma kidnapped Amba, Ambika and Ambalika. Arjun carried off Subhadra. The mythology paints these incidents in a patriarchial light. The women involved are either agree joyously with the act or have POVs conforming to gender stereotypes. I am not sure if this occurred in later retellings or otherwise.

    Bhagwat is unlikely to agree with this description.

    I must also say that RSS has never been accused of ideological violence against Hindu women in any form. (Am I giving ammunition to the sekulaars?)


    Bhagwat is also -consciously or not - informed by the Brahminical nostalgia of a society organised in a caste-pyramid, where nobody 'below' challenged the hierarchy and everybody 'above' benevolently dispensed favours and justice.

    It is highly doubtful as well whether such an idyllic Hindu society ever existed.

    You have been expectedly quick to drag Narendra Modi in. It is you and not Bhagwat who refers to his "model" as western. Your subsequent argument thus becomes criticism-proof!


    QUOTE: "What is the position of women in your organisation?"

    Do you really think such loaded questions can ever be satisfactorily answered - that too by a man? Will it not be better if you posed these to women who are in RSS or pro-RSS? Ditto for your question about dalits. Personally, I too feel that RSS is pretty lukewarm (if not downright double-faced) when it comes to issue of caste-based oppression. But then they believe in harmonising the Hindu society without militant anti-caste actions. The house is open on whether this is right or wrong.


    QUOTE: "We don't hear about the RSS trying to understand what Naxalism is about"

    Yes, it is evident you don't. The organisation with the biggest presence in Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar is RSS. Its Pracharaks are spread across the remotest regions of North-East India and J&K. Please approach them and they will happily conduct you around, without asking you to convert to Hinduism.

    Disclaimer: This is a view and not a Commercial for RSS.

  8. FV,

    Indefinitely and infinitely indebted to you! :)


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