'L'Etreinte', the embrace, by Picasso

 in cracked soles
dusty finger nails
frosted eyes
musty armpits
the soggy velvet of skin
 wayfarers meet

plunging darkness
into night
groping feathers
that fly
into a cage
wayfarers meet

 watering thirsty
river beds
nothing is said
silence drowns
swallowed by a whale
wayfarers meet

inside the body
they feed
their flesh inseparable
at last
wayfarers meet



  1. Lovely. I understand it completely :)

  2. FV, Nice... I almost think I understand it but I don't. I like stuff like that...like a kandinsky painting -- all seemingly making sense but actually not so much if you really start to look into it.


    PS: Did you get up in time to rise along with the one billion rising? I did, and it was zimbly great.

    PPS: I have been hearing of how the "gender discourse" of the feminist brigade is"engineering a conflict" between the genders. Apparently, all these centuries of physical subjugation of women kept the peace between the genders until these feminist people showed up. I overheard two guys with college degrees and a surfeit of chest hair say this as they quoted verses extolling cultural and family values.

    PPS: Any truth to all this? Are you a member of this feminist brigade? Do they provide you all with heavy weapons? Can I join in?

  3. Meriam:

    :-) Sometimes we find things lovely even when we don't understand them...Thank you...


    {all seemingly making sense but actually not so much if you really start to look into it. }

    This is a reversal. If one looked into it, then it usually makes more sense. Perhaps, like a kaleidoscope it provides too many images?

    Glad you liked it.

    PS: No. I did not wake up for OBR. I don't believe in brigades, although I am a feminist. You may join me, anytime. No heavy weapons. Ideas weigh in.

  4. I don't understand anything :(

  5. This is one of the most beautiful texts I have read. It brought many images to mind, and inspired me to write a lot of stories today!

  6. How lovely, and kind of you, Anon. If you weren't incognito, we might have known what to read where.


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