Wayward thoughts: Cats

No knock at the entrance. It was a small voice. Meow. Just once. I repeated it. Heard it again. Repeat. Loop. We began to echo each other. The meow was so persistent, so small, that I began looking for it under the table, under the bed, behind the sofa. I did not open the door.

A stray kitten visits the building. Other residents have complained about poop, torn things, little nibbled bits. Where does she come from and why? She belongs to no one and yet she is on everybody’s mind. She claws at garbage bags and strews the leftovers around, making us look like yesterday’s slaves.

The other day the door was ajar and she just walked in. It was the first time I had set eyes on her. The coat mimicked a tiger’s, a dustier version. She did a recce of the kitchen, the bathroom, the inside room, the balcony. She seemed to know her way around and also knew her way out.

She left.

And then last night I heard her voice. So soft, like a ball of wool she might have chased had she belonged someplace, to someone.

© Farzana Versey


  1. void *Al {return NULL;}28/03/2014, 19:34

    FV, please allow me to awww at the photo of the kitty ....nice of you to let the kittykat do a recce. Reminds me of this sweet pet stray kitty I adopted as a kid -- she trusted me enough to drop off her first litter on my bed while she went out hunting for food the day they were born. Adorable little furballs...

  2. I had no choice. She took the matter in her...er...hands.

    Btw, are we to list 'maternity home' among the many enterprises you run/plan to?!

  3. void *Al {return NULL;}29/03/2014, 00:20

    "Btw, are we to list 'maternity home' among the many enterprises you run/plan to?!"

    But of course. World domination is not easy -- takes a lot of raising kitten armies and brainwashing humans. Tough work but someone has to do it...

  4. Hi FV,
    Cats are independent, curious, smarter, instinctive, sharp.

    For litter they seek new safe home, corner. Will let you approach, yes.

    Girls have thinner long tails,
    Guys got bushy tails.
    Adorable, playful, can watch all day. Therapeutic ...
    But, if they decide, they leave you without second thought!

    Wish you have great time with them, the brainies!
    Thanks, TC, Bye


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