Dear Hindu Liberal, have you learnt to live with insulting and prejudicing?

Every other day, Muslims in India have to face some sort of social and online discrimination, if not get targeted physically. 
And every other day, there will be a bunch of non-Muslim liberal vultures (LV) talking down at them. They get on the pulpit with huge doses of demagogic platitudes in a 7th grade-level address to a whole group. Let me take some bits from a new one. The headline asks: 
"Dear Muslim, have you learnt to live with insults and prejudice?"

From the peephole, I suppose all Muslims would look the same to him. But, irrespective of who answers with what nobody has the right to pose this question. It's like pointing out to a wound on a person's face and asking, "Have you learnt to live with it?" If the LV really wants to know, and if he has the courage of his convictions, then he should be asking those who inflict the wound. 
"How are you doing? Wait! Don’t tell me. I’ll guess."
Yeah, it's a game. So, right at the very beginning, the LV shows he has no intention of waiting for a response, but will indulge in guesswork because he watches TV and reads the newspapers. And he knows everything there is to know about Indian Muslims, including the ridiculous assertion:
"First, I’m sure you’re surprised at the use of just the word Muslim. More specifically at the absence of the word ‘Indian’ before it. I know. We reserve that only for you: ‘Indian Muslim’. We don’t say ‘Indian Gujarati’ or ‘Indian Christian’ or ‘Indian Parsi’."

Nobody calls out to a Muslim person with a "hey you, Indian Muslim, howdaya like my shiny liberalism" or some such. And while in certain formats the term Indian Muslim is used, IMs would be happy with it. Not because it confirms their patriotism but it makes them unique. There is a psychological reason to stand apart from Pakistanis (and trust me, Pakistanis do not get a kick being identified as Indian too). Then there is the behemoth of Arab Muslims which IMs do not identify with. 
Those who insist, and rightly so, that Muslims are not a monolith, would agree. They gloat when mullahs take out rallies against ISIS, don't they?
However, these caste-class supremacist LVs will flash their "look, how much I care about you" concern while portraying the majority as fearsome: 
"Do you fear us all? I would, if I were you...Even though it seems like there’s not many of us around, I should say that not all of us loathe you."
This is so much passive-aggressive nonsense. It relies on making Muslims feel victimised because of others so that it can rush to play knight. It needs to bulk up the fear. Advertising copy relies on it to sell its products; Op-ed writers to sell themselves. 
"Did you once feel like punching people in the mouth (I would have) and have you stopped feeling it now? How?"
Notice the clever, sly usage of "I would". By employing violent imagery, it is no different from online Sanghi perception of Muslim reaction. Very smartly, though, institutional prejudice only makes him uneasy while urging to get IMs to feel something "stronger"...no full-on empathy this time:
"Do you feel protected when the Supreme Court fondles love jihad? Or when the high court belts out Vande Mataram? These things make me uneasy; do you feel something stronger, because they are aimed at you?" 
Or this:
"It has become unbearable, the thought of what we are doing to you. What must it be like to actually be you?"
How soon the "I would too" has changed to the mock-innocent, "What must it be like to be you?" So typically convenient. 
One has got accustomed to this sort of superficial and supercilious attitude. What surprises me is that there are masochistic Indian Muslims who depend on outsiders for their self-esteem and respect. And to know what Muslims 'really' go through! 
They will chant, "Mere Aaka..." whether it is a Modi or a LV. Traders and social opportunists don't want to burn their bridges even when they are nowhere near the river. The vultures thrive because from their safe cocoons the Muslims throw their compatriots at them.


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