Robert Fisk: the Reporter as Messiah

Osama bin Laden called his journalism “neutral”. It was one among the many accolades and awards Robert Fisk, who died on October 30, received. 
There are not many reporters who can claim to have covered all the major events in a strife-torn part of the world – from the revolution in Iran to those in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, covering all of the Middle East. 

A man who spent decades in Beirut, weathered dust storms, bullets and wars, had become a Messiah. He did not tell his besotted listeners what they wanted to hear; he told them what the West wanted them to hear – that the war against terror was real. It was all coddled up in minutiae. The romance of Fisk’s old-world discomfort with the internet and emails and his sitting over telex machines were all immensely charming. About how he could open the old rattlers apart and get them to start, but when his computer said, ‘disk failure’ he had to just give up, and a story was lost. 

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