Another cartoon controversy

Wah, bhai, wah...

Another cartoon controversy.

The cartoon depicts US President George Bush in the form of Natraj (Lord Shiva in his dance muse). While he holds two placards, titled ‘Stop Iran Nukes’ and ‘India Nuke Deals’ with the help of three hands, the remaining two hands hold a club and a ticking nuclear bomb. It first appeared in the International Herald Tribune on March 3.

Raj Thackeray's new party burned effigies. But, the highlight, apparently, is that the protests were led by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena worker, Dr Shami Ahmed.

Be impressed, folks. He is a Muslim!

“We will see to it that at least 500 workers join us today,” said Dr Ahmed. A former Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena activist, Dr Ahmed voiced his party’s ire when he said, “Koi baaharwala hamare bhagwan ko Bush ka darja de, toh hum kaise chup reh sakte hain?”

Fine, theek hai, bohat khoob.

So, if it is a good thing that a member of the minority community objects to an insult to "hamare bhagwan", then why did the majority community make such a noise about the other protests over his other "hamare bhagwan"?

In fact, how many members of the majority community voiced similar protests then? All they did was poke fun at those bearded guys making asses of themselves.

I have stated this several times, I personally do not want these protests to protect gods who are supposed to protect themselves, at the very least, but let us have some uniform standards in a society that claims to be a secular democracy.

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