Abhi-Ash, now get it done with...

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai are getting married. It is only natural that there will be a lot of publicity involved, especially since they want no publicity. Hah, tell me another one…

There is, however, a limit to how privacy is maintained. 500 cops will be on duty (besides the private security arranged). Do you know what the police say they are worried about? Not threats. But of people immolating themselves due to “heart break” or performing yagnas (a ceremony conducted before the holy fire to ward off evil) because the lady is supposed to be manglik (with the negative influence of Mars, which is why she was first married off to a tree).

In all these months there have been no major reports of anyone conducting the above-mentioned tasks, which often happens in the case with celebs. Why does a senior police officer have to tell the media, “…some may try to demonstrate their love in an unpleasant manner and try to grab attention. We also have information that some fans may perform certain rites outside the bungalow for a successful marriage. So we want to ensure there is no trouble.”

Where did this information come from? This is only feeding the superstitious public who may not care to in fact conduct such acts. It amounts to encouraging the herd mentality. Imagine if you are a fan of either of the two and you want to prove it, would you not think, hello, I must follow the trend. The cops even have fire-extinguishers and medical aid ready.

What the heck is happening? Is the message being sent out that it is okay to do what you want and we are there to look after you? Isn’t it convenient because the Bachchans have very kindly made place for the media opposite their bungalow, a horribly cheap thing to do for which the media will anyway be grateful. For what? To take pictures of vehicles of those entering? To catch a glimpse of some star? Or the cops on bandobast duty? Or those trying to immolate themselves or perform religious rites? What a grand photo-op that would be!

And the police? They are taking precautionary measures when what they ought to be doing is sealing the area completely or putting up barricades. It is a small road. What else would those 500 men be doing?

Meanwhile my thoughts are with that tree who is already Ash's husband. Such desertion...

"Khud apne haath se ‘Shahzad’ us ko kaat diya
ke jis darakht ke tahani pe aashiyana tha"


  1. blog
    Why don't they get married silently and get over with?

    Why all this hooohaaa? beyond comprehension.

    (Meanwhile my thoughts are with that tree who is already Ash's husband. Such desertion...)...LOL

    UR unbelievably hilarious.

  2. Absolutely right. There is more drama happening...

    More often I am unintentionally hilarious!


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