Why I did not become PM

Too many daily soaps or soap in the eyes?

Does Sonia Gandhi, as reports suggest, have to write a whole book to tell us why she refused the prime minister’s post? One sentence should suffice: “Jab my thee-whee deck-na chhaatee hu toe moo-jay remote khan-troll haat my chhaayiye.” (When I want to watch TV, I need the remote control in my hand.)

Or, another one, paraphrasing a song: "Moo-jay kootch bee na chhaayiye, moo-jay mey-re haat may remote dey do." (I want nothing, just hand me the remote)


  1. "I want nothing, just hand me the remote"

    FV, I believe that conversation repeats itself in many households/families in any given day. I think this just demonstrates that Sonia thinks of all of India as her own family...just like her to be so selfless, na? India is her family that she talks at and despises at a fundamental level, but blood is thicker than whisky and all that.


  2. Yeah, I know, but it does taken real arrogance to write a whole tome on why you did not take the hot seat.


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