Quacks of quakes

Correspondent on Headlines Today:

"It looks like the people were not prepared for it."

The 'it' is the earthquake that shook the Delhi/NCR region over an hour ago.

It says the magnitude was 6.6. TV news anchors kept saying how large it was. Experts were woken up from their sleep. This was barely ten minutes after the tremors. How would they give accurate details?

Then, they were asked what people should do.


If you are living on a high floor don't go down...Come out in the open...Go under the furniture.

How can you come out in the open if you are not to take the stairs (lifts are out)? And if the building is shaky, why will the furniture not shake?

Most people would not have felt it if they were asleep. The others would have experienced it and sat still. But, if you switched on the TV then you would be told about aftershocks and how you were part of the Breaking News.

As for the lady who made the prophetic statement that the people were not prepared, all I can say is that perhaps they can have a panel discussion on how to expect such calamities. They can also go on a hunger strike for it.

Meanwhile, latest unreleased reports state that Nature has claimed responsibility for the quake. Nature's links with terrorist organisations are not yet known and a high-level inquiry will probe into any such alliance.


  1. FV

    Kal ki taaza khabar:

    Terrorism has spinoff effects: Arnab Goswami ko phir pagal hone bahana mil gaya.

    Ab ek quakepal banega. Sala bhuchaal bataa ke kyon nahin aata?

    Bewaqoofon ki kami nahin.


  2. TE:

    Aap bhool gaye ke media waale jo kehte hai ke "hamaam mein sab nangey hai" jahaan netaon ka sawaal uthta hai, khud bhool jaate hai ke unke beech shahenshahon ke bhi kapde nahin hote hai.

    I have seriously cut down on watching news channels, so when I wanted to see what they are buk-bukking about the blasts, I get an earthquake. They cannot tell the difference, anyway.


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