Never bog-ged down

I just love this…flowers and ribbons to inaugurate a toilet. Only in India. Thane got its first electronic automatic public toilet (e-toilet) with computerised flushing, electricity, and water storage capacity in a 45 sg ft area.

I do not know if there is any special e-facility to figure out what to do when some of us squat atop the pot rather than sit on it. For a two-rupee coin, it could become a bit of a curiosity, and wonder whether there is a time limit, for each time that there is a heave-ho, there could then be a lot of water and power wastage.

But you bet, if you go by this picture, wherever we Indians are we come out smelling of roses. 


  1. i wonder what color tiles they have in there? is it green (my favorite color for bathroom), farzana can you confirm it:)

  2. I could send an emissary, if you are so keen to see your green reflected in those tiles. That would be two bucks per pop and travel charges as well as 'hardship allowance' for looking at the tiles...there is nothing like a free hunch, you know....

  3. There are so many limitations for this e-toilet
    1) User have to keep coin with him.
    2) For its working electricity is needed. so power wastage
    3)Needed 24x7 connectivity.
    4)This is a unique project and no other company manufactures the same. If any thing happened user have to call company officials to rectify the problem.

  4. Back to lota then? Thanks for the lowdown on loo bureacracy.


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