Muslim Fire, Hindu Ire

No patakhas for Muslims?

Leading Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband has issued a fatwa against manufacturing and sale of firecrackers, saying that it is against the Sharia law.

Manufacturing and selling of firecrackers is against the Sharia law, and firing crackers is a gross misuse of money, the fatwa said. It also said that that men who misuse money are the ‘brothers of devil’. The Islamic seminary issued fatwa on a query from a man involved in the business of manufacturing firecrackers. The news holds significance given that a large number of Muslims are involved in the manufacturing and sale of firecrackers across the country.

I just cannot understand this. Why would a person who is already involved in the business want to consult the seminary?

If firing crackers amounts to misuse of money, then so is placing flowers over tombstones at dargahs.

If those who indulge in this are ‘brothers of the devil’, are women permitted to play with phuljhadis?

Is there any evidence of the devil misusing funds? Did he not inherit hell, or should he be pulled up for spending a fortune on adding all those satanic thingies in there?

I do not see how there can be any mention of firecrackers in the Sharia. Did some of the Prophet’s opponents light up anaars on the desert sands?

If the Darul Uloom is so concerned, it should seek justice for children who work in these factories and are exposed to risks of extreme levels of pollution. Get over this fatwa obsession and do something that matters.

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Gays threaten Hinduism?

An artist holding an exhibition in the capital on the theme of homosexuality was on Thursday attacked and abused by an unidentified assailant, who also damaged one of the paintings on display. Balbir Krishan said the attacker entered the solo exhibition space at Lalit Kala Akademi with his face covered by a handkerchief. He pushed and kicked Krishan, a double amputee who has lost both his legs, while hurling insults all the while.

He has been receiving threatening calls saying: “Tuney Hindu dharam ko bigarne ka theka laga rakha hai (You are determined to ruin Hinduism).”

Someone should take these guys on a yatra where temple sculptures clearly show all kinds of sexual activities, including homosexuality. Will they dare to deface those? Will they dare insult the deities?

I am not suggesting that art should be irresponsible. In this case, he was only exhibiting works, giving expression to his thoughts and personal experiences. He was not indulging in criminal activities like paedophilia, for which a few good godmen have been caught. Why do these assaulters not land up in those ashrams and use their fists. Well, to beat up those holy folks...

No dharam can be spoilt. It is not perishable food.


  1. On Hindus and Gays, I will comment first. The so called Neo Hindus, Born again Hindus are neglecting statistics on How many babas indulge in Homosexuality themselves, some are so obviously gay and some left this world some time back . Hindus should relish the fact that this faith was most progressive on sexuality, there were no censor boards while temples were being carved and Thank God Shiv Sena or RamSene wasnt around at that time. Detailed study of mythology will clarify that both genders indulged in healthy , expressive sex life. Babas are telling you Sex is Bad karma , day in day out on all channels ...they obviously lack complete and total understanding of evolution of this faith.

    And on Crackers , I request a fatwa be issued against thunderstorms . A fatwa must be issued against merry go rounds ....on Misuse of money , how do Gold Toilet seats and Diamond studded Mercs get answered.....

  2. FV

    I agree with your POV. This is exactly what I meant the other day when I referred to the double standards of Hindutva guys.

    However, I cannot but notice that you have refrained from telling the Fatwa brigade to take their Fatwas and stuff them- in so many words. You seem to be reticent, almost respectful. This is in sharp contrast to your tone when speaking about anything and anybody remotely connected with Hindutva - be it Narendra Modi or Advani or the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram or the RSS or the Shiv Sena or the Saraswati Shishu Mandirs...

    This is exactly what I meant the other day when I referred to the double standards of the p-secs.

    Suit yourself. People can see through veils also!!

  3. JJ:

    You horrid jihadi!

    Those Babas are giving you that spiel because there is so much guilt about anything that gives pleasure; besides, they have to camouflage their own 'sins'. Isn't it interesting that quite a few use religion as an excuse to reach another kind of nirvana?

    And on Crackers , I request a fatwa be issued against thunderstorms . A fatwa must be issued against merry go rounds ....on Misuse of money , how do Gold Toilet seats and Diamond studded Mercs get answered.....

    :) Forget gold toilet seats...Muslims are not like that! I can be quite certain that these mullahs live like nawabs....I wonder why they do not object to Persian carpets, hookahs and gold-capped teeth.

    - - -


    I am issuing a fatwa against you this very minute: Do not peek into my non-existent veil.

    Get over it already. What do you mean I am respectful to these guys? Oh gosh, did you see my typing that while genuflecting? Ah, no, that is un-Islamic. So, you;d find something where I show RESPECT.

    You just don't seem to get it, so here is one piece. You don't want me to post some letters I got in response, do you?!


    I can imagine your mind getting confused over Mask and Face. Mashallah, kaheen pe nigaahein, kaheen pe nishaanan...


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